Saturday, 13 August 2011


I have been feeling very angry this week.  I am angry that I have lost my liberty.  I am angry with the hoards of selfish people who scuttled like cockroaches out of the cracks of a broken society to indulge in mass destruction of properties and livelihoods.  I have tried to gain some composure out in the garden and focus on the good things that nature provides.  I didn't find too much solace in the greenhouse.  I was shocked at how I have neglected my plants.  Many of the tomato plants have died simply because I did not nurture them. 

 A few plants still gave some fruit despite being unloved.

The plants outside the greenhouse that were saved by the rain and somewhat sporadic feeding have thrived.  If I had lavished an equal amount of time and attention on all my tomato plants the outcome would have been quite different and I would have had an abundant amount of healthy fruit.  It makes you think doesn't it?


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, Simone. We all have difficult times. We all wish we'd done better, treated ourselves better. Sometimes we thrive despite treating ourselves in less than loving ways.

    It is heartbreaking when horrible things happen. It's hard to deal with things that are beyond our control. Thinking of you and wishing you the best. Don't forget about your word for the year.

  2. Oh Simone, your not super woman, don't be to hard on yourself.
    You never know what would happen if you tidied the tomato plants up a bit give them some tomato food and salvage what you can....sometimes life just gets in the way.

  3. It is hard work keeping up with the garden and greenhouse, even at the best of times. Maybe this is just a gentle reminder that, in this life, it is rare to get something for nothing. You and I know that. There are too many low-lifes out there who don't, and I hope they will learn it the hard way. Just enjoy your survivors!

  4. Here's a saying that I have on my pinboard,

    Holding on to anger is like grasping a hotcoal with the intention of throwing it at someone; but YOU are the one who gets burned.

    I do try to remember this, but it's hard not to get angry sometimes isn't it?


  5. Like the others said you are too hard on yourself.
    You still have some tomatoes and you can't do everything.
    Just keep yourself safe and be thankful for what you have.x

  6. You can't always see to everything so don't be too hard on yourself and you certainly have some lovely tomatoes there.
    You are right though it does make you think, a little nuture whether you are plant or human goes a long way!
    Vivienne x

  7. Bless you, just enjoy the fruits that remain. Stay in the garden and enjoy its calming influence.

  8. However hard we try there are always some things that get left undone, neglected or accidentally forgotten don't feel bad about your plants. It's so easy to take on too much in the garden, and all the watering can really get too much during a prolonged dry spell. I would just clear it away and put it behind you. I hope you have a good week.
    Helen x

  9. Hello Simone,
    I am so sorry to hear that your neighbourhood was affected by the riots. It was utterly shocking to see what happened in our cities but now we have reached what surely must be rock bottom, the only way is up.
    Every year it gets to this time and I realise that the garden has got away from me again, I always resolve to do better next year but we can only do so much. x

  10. An uncomfortable, disquieting, difficult emotion. anger can be very useful. It brings you to attention. It demands action. It requires complete thought. It will not go away until you respond. Without response it multiplies. Its danger lies in stealing your best from you in quick response. Cast out the evil with long exhales and consciously draw in healing bounty.
    We all struggle with being our best selves. I think it's enough just to try to be better. Learn and move along. You're traveling with good friends who love you and rejoice at your company. We're always near.

  11. Its hard to do it all - dont beat yourself up over it, my veg garden has gone the same way in parts too.
    It has been a shocking and unsettling time for us here in the UK - so sorry to hear you were aware of it going on around you - what a terrible time for the majority of decent English and hard working people who have assimilated into our urban communities from other countries - and how devasting for those directly affected, their livelihoods and sense of saftey at home shattered.
    Serious and saddening times.
    Gill xx


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