Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Museum of London

Today we took a short walk from Liverpool Street Station, walked along London Wall and climbed the stairs to the walkways above the roads below. We went to visit the Museum of London.  I am ashamed to say that despite being a Londoner I never knew it existed until recently.

Well, what a wonderful experience!  The museum shows the history of London pre Roman times to the present day.  I won't spoil your enjoyment of visiting by giving too much away here but it is amazing to think that London was once a forest!

Above is a portion of the 'original' London Wall.  I took this photo from the inside of the museum looking out where there was loads of facts written up about it that I failed to take note of!

 A reconstruction of a Roman living room. The Mosaic floor and the artefact's around are original.

 A Roman kitchen.  Doesn't look too bad does it?

 Well here is where I jump century's and bring you to the 1920's.  I was most taken with this Selfridges lift.

 Wouldn't you feel so glamorous riding in this?

 Look how beautiful the lift doors are with the golden light shining through.

 Just gorgeous and tasteful.

Isn't it a shame that we don't have lifts like these nowadays?


  1. Must make the efort to go again! Last time I went was with my then boyfriend, year 1977 just after the Jubilee and the State Coach had just been returned to the museum dripping with water (I can still see it now standing in a puddle!)
    My then boyfriend is now my husband!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. I agree, it is a shame we don't have lifts like that now, instead of those horrible things that speak to you!!
    Vivienne x

  3. Very chic indeed!
    Looks like a very interesting day out.
    Lisa x

  4. I can imagine a Roman whilst sipping a glass of wine on that sofa!
    So fascinating, thank you for sharing!

  5. What a fab lift. I didn't know there was a Museum of London. Thanks for bringing it to my attention it looks worth a visit.x

  6. I had never heard of it either but I guess somewhere like London would have a fascinating history.

  7. I had never thought about Romans having upholstered furniture, imagining them always on hard wooden benches and stools.

    The lift is most beautiful, we seem to have lost a lot of elegance.

  8. Thank you for the lovely visit, Simone. England never fails to surprise me with her complexity and history. So small and yet enormous she is.

  9. Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Although not a Londoner I have never been there either, yet it looks so interesting - def something to add to places to visit list come the autumn.
    The lift is beautiful, and the mock up of a Roman living room and kitchen incredible - electricity apart, not so different all theses centuries later is it! Decorated walls, settee, ornaments.....
    thanks for sharing!
    Gill xx

  10. What a wonderfully varied blog. Never heard of this museum but it looks like the kind of place I would enjoy. The Roman living room and kitchen are nicer than my own! And that lift!

  11. That is a beautiful lift - very elegant! It is years since we visited the Museum of London - I don't remember the Roman rooms but I do remember a rather grand coach in there! Looks like you had a lovely day out:)

  12. What a fun outing that must have been!

    It IS a shame that we don't have lifts like that nowadays. I'd want to ride up and down on them just for fun if we did.


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