Thursday, 13 October 2011

Is Nature Good or Bad?

My mind is most active just before I fully wake up or whilst I am out and about walking.  Thoughts spring to mind and I mull them over trying to make sense of them.  Today I was thinking about nature as I walked through the back streets of rows of terraced houses, marvelling at the crab apple trees that lined up along the pavements.  Nature was everywhere, from the birds on roof tops to the grass that was forcing its way up through cracked paving slabs.  Nature is beautiful, I thought to myself then counteracted this thought by thinking about people who had been affected by earthquakes, Tsunamis and other forms of natural disaster brought about by the wrath of nature.  Is nature wicked?  I asked myself this question and came up with this:

Nature is neither good nor bad
It just is.

I don't believe that natural forces are out to 'get us'.  I think that nature just wants to restore equilibrium on the planet and will do whatever it needs to do maintain the status quo.

Thank you for the feedback on my previous blog post.  I have decided to blog once a week starting from next Monday.  I hope to see you then!


  1. Nature is a wonderful thing Simone :)

  2. My mind is most active just after waking, that is when all the problem that I think I have line up to attack me.

    I have to agree with you that nature just is, but it is wonderful and awe - inspiring as well as damaging and destructive.

    I'm glad you have been able to reach a compromise about blogging. I shall certainly look forward to reading your posts.

  3. Nature does what it has to do to keep the planet on track despite our best efforts to destroy it!
    See you Monday,
    Vivienne x

  4. You're right simone, nature is just doing what is right for the planet, unlike man who mainly does things for gain.
    I often ponder on things like this, sometimes I think I ponder too much and am too sensitive to things.
    Lovely thought provoking post,

  5. Mattman was asking recently about Mother Nature and what it was and why did we use that phrase. I talked about nurturing and growing and seasons. But maybe She is more like me as a mother sometimes too- shouting and berating and generally breaking down!

  6. a lovely thoughtful post.
    i was musing in a similar way this morning when looking at all the beauty in the garden, even at this time of year! and then spotted one of Owly cat's offerings :(
    it is good to be philosophical about it in the way you have.
    i am quite a spiritual person of the (celtic) earth based kind and have a strong bit of christian and a large helping of buddhist in me too. i think that living with nature, having a close connection to nature and it's sprit and believing in divine enrgies, as well as adopting a philosphy of peace and compassion helps keep me sane.
    i am glad you are still going to be with us and will look forward to your weekly posts :)
    you really are a wonderful blogger! and one of the first (often the first!) people i think of going to visit. i enjoy your thoughtful posts and i love your baking, artwork, gardening, pets and wildlife, gorgeous creations (i still have the little fairies you made looking after my plants, they are doing a good job :) and photography.. there is so much here! what more could we want?
    you are multi-multi talented and are maybe a bit hard on yourself sometimes.
    i think that the people with super popular blogs must be the loneliest bloggers, because they become cut off from the community due to having far too many contacts. i think that those with a little band of loyal friends are much more fortunate because then it is really possible then to connect.

    the weekend is almost upon us :)
    wishing you a good one xxx

    i like magsmcc comment :)

  7. I'm so glad you're carrying on with your blog ... I might not always have time to comment but you always leave me with something to think about!
    I think that nature was here long before man appeared, and will still be there after we have all departed this lovely planet!

  8. sorry my comment above was a bit muddled and mispelt. i got distracted whilst writing it by my son arriving home and proceeding to burn a pile of toast (his subtle way of asking when dinner will be ready).
    also i must say again that you really do write a terrific blog x

  9. I'm glad you will still bloging, I do enjoy reading your posts.

  10. My brain buzzes when I am walking but by the time I reach home I've forgotten half of the things I thought of and the words I had strung together but I feel better for it! I'll look forward to Mondays then:)

  11. Til Monday, have a lovely autumn weekend, Simone. My best to you.

  12. I couldn't have put it better myself. x

  13. Hi Simone,
    I am so glad you didn't stop blogging, your blog is one of my favourites because of your endless creativity and because you come across as a very open person.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with your comment about nature, I do most of my thinking whilst walking too. x

  14. I love this. In recent years I have learnt to see everything as a balancing act (without the dark we wouldn't know the light for what it is, and without adversity we wouldn't grow or know our own strength etc). Have you ever heard of the book "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers"? Someone suggested it to me when I graduated from uni and it was really interesting and I think you may find it an interesting read (or you may not, but its worth passing on the suggestion, right?) xx


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