Monday, 10 October 2011

The Time has Come........................ lie low for a little while.  I feel that my blog is slipping away from some of you.  I try hard to show a broad mix of things that I do.  I also try to be all things to all people, and that can never work.  I have three other blogs (listed in my side bar) to reflect some of the other things I do, but this is my main blog.  I don't know what direction to take it now.  I think I need to take a step back in order to move this blog forward.  My wish is for you to enjoy reading my blog and not visit as a force of habit.  I think I may go back to blogging once a week rather than just dropping by with my erratic ramblings.  In the mean time, it would be helpful to me if you let me know what you like me to blog about most of all.


  1. I enjoy whatever you write about Simone.
    Sometimes a break away can be good for us to re focus on things, but it's you blog and I reckon you should write about whatever you feel like on any given day!
    Take care
    Lisa x

  2. I do so know what you mean! I think our blogs should be about whatever we want to say and if perhaps sometimes we get more encouraging comments than another then maybe that is just how it is. I think we should blog only when we have something we want to share and comment on other blogs only when we have something to say or indeed time enough to read them. I will miss your honest approach to life and hope you will post occasionally but quite understand how you might be feeling the need to take a rest just now.

  3. I know what you mean, Simone. I'm struggling at the moment to feel like writing anything and haven't done a post for over a week now. I feel like winding down a bit. I love your blog and what you write about and your posts are always different each time and cover lots of diverse things. Write when you feel like it and write what you feel. It's your blog after all. Take carexx

  4. Well firstly Simone, you can't be all things to all people, it's your blog and it has to be about you and the things that are important to you!
    I always love 'dropping' in to visit but I fully understand if you need time out to regroup.
    I will still look forward to your posts just remember to please yourself first and foremost!
    Take care,
    Vivienne x

  5. I enjoy whatever you write about, it is your blog and I feel that you should write about things that move you, as you did recently. I should miss you if you stopped altogether.

    I will add though, I was looking at Mutant Trees this morning and thought how much I like your paintings and that you don't seem to have done much this year. Is that because of the vineyard taking up your time?

  6. I find your honesty encouraging. I love your photography. I love the scenes from your garden and the work of your hands. I like blogs that may feel they ramble, but actually keep company on the path of all who ramble along!

  7. I understand how you feel although I love reading your blog. I find a lot of people don't seem to be writing as much as they used to.
    Just write something now and then when you feel like it.
    Do it for you and not because you feel you have to. xx
    Pinterest is addictive isn't it?

  8. Yours is one of the blogs I will alway go straight to Simone, I love reading about your everyday life, just blog when you want too and about what ever takes your fancy, dont do it for anyone else. I have to say I am trying not to let my blog take over my life, as in " I need to write something on my blog what can I do/say/where can I go/just to be able to post something but I know what you mean. My other two blogs are very neglected but I will get back to them when the time is right.
    Have a break, maybe this will help but don't ever feel you have to please anyone except yourself babe!

  9. I always enjoying see what you have been up to in your everyday life. Take care.

  10. believe me, I know what you are talking about. I have been to the place you are now, wondering if it is worth it etc.
    I have decided that I shall post what I want when I want and if people look and comment then so be it, if not well does it really matter.
    Blogging can become a bit of a chore if you let it, trying to please everyone so I see what you mean.
    I feel that once you put it on the blog you get a different perspective for your self when you look at it and that's got to be good. Also its nice to be able to go back like a diary and remind yourself what you did in the past.
    Don't stop, just blog when you want to and forget the comments.
    Here endeth the lesson.....LOL

  11. I will miss your regular posts - what I like is your honesty. Being able to share the lows as well as the highs is not easy, but you always convey your feelings very well. Blogging does become a bit of a bind somtimes, and it helps to step back and recharge sometimes. Take care, Simone, but please don't stop completely. Reading your blog is always someting I enjoy.

    Janet x

  12. Sweet Simone,
    I check this blog of yours pretty regularly because it is a window open wide to the beauties of your soul. Through your photos, your art work, your interactions with the world surrounding you each day, I am lifted from the fears and discouragements of my own world and dare to not only go on but go beyond. For that I thank you.
    Choose how YOU wish your blog to flow from you. Know that I at least will be blessed by whatever it is you wish to share whenever you wish to share it. And my best wishes dear one.

  13. dont worry about people liking it... just write from the heart!

  14. Your posts, however often or whatever content, never fail to lift me. Your photos are like anthems of joy. And your art inspires me to shake off the lethargy and join the fun. Don't think you need to be anything or anyone other than who you are at the moment, Simone. It's call your life and it should be lived however it comes to you. Sending healing energies from the driftless region of Wisconsin.

  15. relax, be yourself. people want to know the real you in all your different moods and styles. we are ever changing/elvolving as people and our blogs, particularly when they are authentic will follow suit.
    i just began a new blog with my daughter (mori midori - it is japanese, meaning green forest. my japanese speaking daughter chose it), but you will know me from a previous incarnation. i have been a sporadic, butterfly of a blogger but that has more to do with my situation than who i really am.
    i hope that your rest will heal and refresh you and that you return with renewed vigour. i have always enjoyed every aspect of your blogs.
    you are so wonderfully creative and sincere.

    my very warmest wishes xxx

    moriko (sumea)

  16. I've fallen out of love with blogging just of late. I am pretty much happy with my life, but everyday stuff is all I ever do. Whether people really want to read about that, I don't know? I am liking my connection with Twitter at the moment, as it invariably provides an instant response back. I am not going to close my blogs as I know I have a loyal set of followers whose comments I value very much. As for what to blog about, just blog about you! x

  17. I can identify with this post so much - and i dont believe blogging should ever be something done out of a sense of duty or to please or to feel like a chore.It should be becuase you want to.
    We all know you cant please all of the people all of the time.
    I love my visits here just because they reflect who you are, someone unique,creative and lovely, and whatever you write about is always interesting and refreshing.
    Please just be you and dont worry!!!
    Just blog when you feel you want to share and we will come!
    Gill xx

  18. Dear Simone,
    Somehow I missed this post, but I must say that, when I browse around my "favorites", your blog is right near the top of my list. I like the variety of topics you write about, your beautiful handwork, your surroundings and the chance to see a different culture - and I do love England! Simone, I love what you do and I agree that you should please yourself first, and that will shine through!
    Big hugs! xx

  19. Gosh I am late in commenting, but I guess I have the best excuse possible, right?!

    I love dropping by your blog Simone, no matter what you write about. You seem to have a very similar look on life as me and I have to say I prefer blogs with lots of themes to one that just focuses on one area of life (which is why I rarely drop by your other blogs). I'm just too eclectic to cope with reading the same things over and over again. So if you just keep on doing what you already do I'll happily keep popping by xx


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