Saturday, 8 October 2011

At this moment in time........................

............cold and tired, mind whirring, heart racing and words jumping around in my head that I have to put to paper.....

 I Am

I am opposite ends of a piece of string
I am plain, I am fancy
I am amazingly upbeat, yet tragically sad
I am simple and I am complex
I am dark yet I seek the light
I am Navy blue
I am a riddle that cannot be solved
because that is the way
I Am

Simone Whipp 

Edited: Just to let you all know that I am fine.  I am prone to being melodramatic from time to time and like to put my thoughts and feelings down  in a poetic form.  Thank you for your concern and I apologise if I have alarmed anyone.


  1. Aren't we all at times? I know I am all of those things though luckily not all at the same time! Acceptance is the key I think.

  2. Well firstly I'm glad you're fine Simone but you definitely have a way with words, something you should keep doing!
    Vivienne x

  3. You have a wonderful way with words, Simone. I love your little forays (I'm not sure if that is the right word but it sounds ok) into the poetic:)

  4. Lovey poem, sums up the opposites we all feel at times x

  5. Beautiful poem, lots of feeling. xx

  6. i think it is wonderful that you can express yourself in this beautiful, eloquent way.

    you are truly an artist/poet


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