Thursday, 6 October 2011


As I continue to make the 'wise words' key fobs I think the words on the one pictured above are most apt to me.  I do live life with passion.  I extract the good out of every day.  I am passionate about making and doing, learning new things and trying to make sense of things I don't really understand.

I have many new craft projects waiting in the wings to be explored and many projects to get involved in at the vineyard including building a cob oven and bee keeping.  All I need now is some form of employment where my passion for life could shine through.


  1. I have been thinking about your key fobs, thought that I could have a go at one for a friend under pressure. I think it would be fabulous if you found something that gave you an outlet for all this fabulous creativity and passion, but that still left time for cobs and bees and you!

  2. Ah- looking back I realise that you sell them...

  3. Yes magsmcc they are for sale and I have one for my very own and it is beautiful and tactile too. I love it!

  4. You'll find your employment when the time is right Simone, don't worry.
    Your life sounds very full and enjoyable at the moment.
    Lovely autumnal photograph. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. arhh bee keeping, I would love to do that too!
    good luck with finding the right job for you and in the meantime carry on living your life to the full!

  6. I love this quote, Simone, and really do see you as a passionate renaissance person. You seem to have so many interests and to be so talented - good things are bound to come your way! x

  7. Hello Simone,
    I certainly agree with your 'wise words' of today and love the autumn leaves backdrop in the photo.
    Learning about keeping bees will be so intersting, you are getting some great opportunities from your volunteering! I hope you find the right job soon but maybe you are where you need to be for now. x

  8. Hi Simone I love the Fob. You like me have your fingers in many pots! I never seem to finish any of mine though. As I get older, like my Mum I want to try more things, I guess I see time running out!!
    Your quote on your sidebar....I make, I bake etc etc well me too and love it. So good on you girl.
    Carol x

  9. Sorry to be so behind on commenting!

    I love your key fobs and the one I won is just adorable. I really will blog about it, I promise, I just am finding blogging difficult right now because my time is taken up by Oscar ;)


  10. Lovely autumnal photo, Simone. I think you have entered a new phase with your voluntary work bringing you lots of wonderful new experiences....and life will unfold the way it's meant to, in time. Enjoy your weekend.
    Helen x

  11. Your voluntary work at the vineyard will pave the way to something wonderful, I'm sure. In the meantime all these wonderful crafts you are learning sound so interesting particularly making a cob oven:)


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