Monday, 7 November 2011

A Little Rain Must Fall

In our lives a little rain has to fall, for only then can we truly appreciate the sunshine.  That is what I am telling myself.

This last week has been full of sadness.  I have been touched by the amount of people going through illness, pain and bereavement in blogland.  I soak up other peoples painful emotions like a sponge and feel deeply for them.

Tomorrow I am attending a funeral.  I know that there will be relatives there feeling a great sense of loss.  It is going to be hard to stay strong and not cry.  I will have to bite my lip or press my fingernails into my hand.

Despite the tidal wave of grief this past week, I know that life goes on and there is much to look forward to.  The vineyard has even more significance to me.  It is a place to be with nature and experience the friendship of like-minded people.  As well as the vineyard, I am going to be involved in setting up a community orchard and maybe get to have my second go at driving the tractor!

I hope that this week treats you with kindness, and if that is not to be then remember that the difficult time will pass and the blue skies will return. x


  1. No avoiding grief in this life I'm afraid it touches it all at some point, we all have to focus on the blue skies to get us through!
    Vivienne x

  2. Sadness will enter all our lives at some yime. We just need to make the best of the good days!
    We attended the funerals of two of our friends this time last year. It was a dreadful time.
    Thinking of you!

  3. Yes, Vivienne is right, there is no avoiding grief sometimes, and the older we get the more times we experience sad events, as well as happy ones. As long as you don't become too burdened down by it, and can see the sunlight and the blue sky is there too....Hope you are ok, Simone. I'm so glad you're enjoying the lovely new work you're involved with. Take care.
    Helen x

  4. Simone if you need to cry, don't hold it in, it's all part of the grieving process. Hugs xx

  5. I'm with 'selfsewn', why do you need to not cry? It won't do you any good. I hope that once the funeral is over you can get on with things that are happier. The orchard sounds like a wonderful thing to be doing.

    Is that your own picture of the flowers? It is beautiful and calming.

  6. dear beautiful, sensitive Simone. it is good to be someone that feels, though it is hard when the feeling is sadness. i think that it opens the heart though, makes us softer and stronger. i love the quote that says "
    the greatest strength is in gentleness." by Leon Shenandoah. it is easy to be tough, it takes a more courageous person to be gentle and sensitive, as you are.
    crying is a way we heal ourselves both physically and psychologically (releasing tears balances hormones), let them fall if you can.
    i am glad you are looking forward to future plans and projects.
    i'll be thinking of you today, sending healing vibes xxx

    warmest blessings xxx

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  8. You are very compassionate, Simone. I'm so sorry that you've been exposed to so much grief lately. Things will get better and I'm so glad you have the comfort of nature and fellowship at the vineyard.

  9. Thinking of you today, Simonexx

  10. I like many others have had my fair 65 years worth of heartache and I expect there is more to come.

    Sometimes life it hard to get to grips with especially if you are a sensitive soul like me and yourself and its hard to keep a positive outlook, but in the end the world is a wonderful place and my cats always make me smile no matter how down I feel.

    Just looking at that wonderful rose is enough for me.


  11. Gentle thoughts from me too. Take care,

  12. Sending you a big hug Simone!
    Your post is so uplifting and I'm reading your encouraging words right now that I'm feeling a lot under the weather..thank you very much!
    Michela xxx

  13. I hope that the funeral went as well as these things can. Take good care of yourself.
    Lisa x

  14. Hello Simone,
    I hope the sun is shining again for you today and you are having a lovely weekend. The vineyard seems to be so good for you, I bet you are very pleased you got involved with it.
    I know you like sayings, so thought you might like to hear the one I have on my fridge at the moment, it's "life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass it is about learning to dance in the rain" xx

  15. hello Simone

    thank you for your visit :) i am glad you enjoyed the words of Tess Ward, she is a lovely writer.
    i hope you are well and wish you a week of gentle magic and sparkling moments xxx


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