Sunday, 13 November 2011

Blogging Observations (Part 2)

I first wrote down some of my blogging observations in September 2010.  Here are some of my latest observations.

Bloggers that receive lots of comments rarely leave comments themselves

Blog posts are often misunderstood

It is hard to show irony when writing a post

Most people want you to be your authentic self

A blogging style develops over time (mine is mostly melancholic and candid!)

It is wise not to email a blogger when they have added ‘no comments’ to their post

You are likely to get inflated stats due to spam

Blogging friendships come to a natural end just like ‘real life’ friendships

‘Tagging’ is no longer ‘en vogue’

‘Awards’ still exist but are in decline

Originality keeps your blog fresh

Bloggers have upped their photography skills

Most of us like trees


  1. I have noticed, through my extensive reading list, that your first statement is true.

    Your last statement made me laugh aloud!

    Enjoy what is left of Sunday.


  2. I've had lots of spam comments recently because I took word verification off as I know some people find it difficult if they have sight problems. Luckily blogger has contained all the posts in the comments spam bit. I had to smile at your last observation - so true:)

  3. I'm reluctant to leave you a comment then, if it spoils my chances of getting lots back! It's hard to show irony when writing a comment too! I can't keep this up, through all your observations, all of which are quite candid! I like your trees, though. I prefer flowers and cats myself.

  4. The last observation is so true!
    I have been getting a lot of spam recently - since they have been messing with Blogger. I now have to moderate my comments because the 'nasty' blog has decided to follow me too - comtemplating changing my blog name!
    Jule xxxxxxxxxx

  5. I think so many of your observations are so true, and I do love a nice tree.

  6. I love these Simone, I can't believe it was over a year since you did the last ones, I remember them so well.
    Your first one is so true and I just love your last one, I really like trees. :)
    Vivienne x

  7. All true, esp the last one, made me chuckle, thanks!

  8. You do make me giggle, I love this post. I love trees too :-) I don't comment quite as often as I should but am still here enjoying your blog x

  9. Good observations, Simone. I find that bloggers are generally friendly people, that we gravitate toward people with similar interests and that numbers of comments (although I certainly appreciate them!) don't bother me that much. I don't keep track of stats and I do, indeed love trees!!
    I also think you have one of the cutest profile pictures ever!!xx

  10. Your photos are stunning, Simone.
    As for comments, sometimes I've let so many days pass being overcome by the day to day that it's hard to catch up. But you should know I read and absorb every one of yours, as they always bring some much needed clarity to my own life.
    I thank you for it all.

  11. I totally agree with your first and last blog observations ..
    As for originality, I don't think anything I post stands out from the crowd in any way, I just witter on.

  12. Yes we DO all love trees, you are so right!
    Lisa x

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  14. Loved your observations, Simone...they are well thought out and well put. The last one made me smile but it's also very true too!
    I look forward already to your next set of blogging observations and am going back now to read last year's!
    Helen x

  15. Spot on!

    And there's a lot of thrifty challenges going on!

    Celia (I also like trees)

  16. You eagle-eyed lady! Everything you wrote is so true! ..And what about those nasty bloggy clubs?
    Sorry for my spam this evening, I've been a lot on FB lately,neclecting Blogland and the lovely people I've met here :-)

  17. Haha! this made me smile Simone, thank you! I particularly liked the bit at the end about trees, how true!

    I notice popular bloggers don't post comments they are too busy making money from business or blogging. It is great they offer a service to people but I also find it a bit frustrating like they forgot about the man or woman who is the audience once the blogging profit making took off. Still pondering on this myself. Wondering when my blog becomes the top of the blogging times bestseller list if I would remember to comment and respond LMAO! Food for thought.

  18. Hmmm... interesting thoughts. I'll be honest... sometimes it's difficult to keep up with adding blog entries and reading all the blogs that I enjoy visiting. I handle it by not stressing over it. Real life and commitments have to come first. But having said that, I enjoy my blog friends and want to keep my blog maintained. So it's kind of hit and miss with me. I may go for a while without blogging or reading blogs, then I'll come back and try to catch everything up at once (like now ;-). Works for me!

    I like your blog.... love your honesty and authenticity. Keep it up girl!

  19. So true! I always think my photos are so naff compared to other blogs. I am rather partial to a beautiful tree.

  20. This is such a brilliant list and so true. I have stopped reading blogs because I don't get replies or comments from the other person, even the odd ' hi' would be sufficient but I think no replies is just rude.I haven't posted or answered much lately due to my little Christmas job which is turning out to be not so little after all and very tiring especially on the old feet. But yes, I do love trees :-)

  21. 'most of us like trees' i agree, trees are beautiful and nature... helps to keep us connected. so interesting to read your obsevations Simone. hope you are well,
    love Ginny x

  22. very interesting......i do like trees....and cats!

  23. You know I was talking to a friend the other day who has started her own blog and she was saying she doesn't have any followers or people leaving her comments and I said exactly you said here. I find that people who get lots of followers and comments left on their blogs rarely tend to return the "favour", especially if your blog is not professionaly made if that makes sense.


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