Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Looking back to my childhood I can see that caring for others was in my nature.  When a close relation was poorly I would cover them with a blanket and tuck it in tightly around them to give them a sense of security.  I wanted to be able to take away pain and suffering and heal people.As I grew older I progressed to giving head and neck massages and even foot baths!  In the back of my mind I thought that I would make a good nurse some day.

Somehow I got lost and never did pursue a career in nursing.  I guess my phobia of blood was too great so I purposefully pushed the idea of nursing out of the way.

Decades on I realise that I still want to make people feel better when they are ill or feeling down.  I like to 'touch' people through my words nowadays though rather than with a 'hands on' approach.

I was unable to sleep for a while last night.  I started to think about people who are on their own or in need of comfort or peace or just wanting a hug.  I eventually drifted off to sleep whilst envisaging being swaddled in a soft, warm blanket, feeling protected and cocooned with love. 

If you are feeling in need of a 'comfort blanket' then try to visualise one as I did and imagine its warmth and softness enveloping you.  I found this technique very calming and it helped to slow down my anxious mind.


  1. Imagination is amazing isn't it and I drifted off to sleep last night in a bluebell wood!!! I love the idea of a cosy blanket too and must add that to my repetoire of images for when counting sheep just won't work! Could you have pursued a career in aromotherapy or reiki or something like that perhaps - healing without the blood!

  2. I really must remember that the next night I can't get to sleep!
    Actually it makes me feel quite drowsy even thinking about it now! :)
    V x

  3. A very good friend taught me that tecnique a few years back and I can vouch it does work
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. I'll try that tonight when i can't get off to sleep. x

  5. Your post reminds me of being ill when I was a child, I was always made to sleep on an armchair, whose back went flat to make a perfect child sized bed, my Father would bank the fire so that it was just a glow and he would watch me all through the night. I hadn't thought of that for years, thank you Simone, one of my happier memories.

  6. I'll remember that next time I cant sleep. I was up with you last night, with my head full of stuff!
    Happy New Year Simone, love your word of the year, I might have to steal that idea!

  7. What a cosy image that conjures up! Lovely!

  8. Simone,
    How is it you always know what I need to hear? Jerome left this morning to return to the city after a lovely new year visit here at the farm and again I am dashed to bits by his leaving. Just thinking of the lonely days and nights ahead has my heart racing. I've wrapped your cozy comforting blanket around me and my heart is soothed.
    Thank you dear friend.

  9. I could have done with your comfort blanket last night - I just couldn't settle to sleep and was so restless. I will try to imagine its soft warmth tonight:)

  10. How nice to know even when you where younger that you liked to give comfort to people.

  11. Love the idea of thinking about being swaddled, I bet it works really well. Have you ever thought of volunteering to care in the community e.g. popping to help an elderly person do their shopping or just pop and have a chat with them ? It may fill that hole for you.

  12. What a lovely post! I wish you lived nearby! A comfort blanket is a wonderful image. My mother imagines herself dipping into a pool of turqoise limpid water under a tree with blossom falling onto the water's surface.

    Happy new year to you. May 2012 bring joy, peace and comfort in equal doses.


  13. What a good idea, Simone. I actually do find your words very soothing and your sense of humor in your comments is wonderful. When I am stressed and nervous, I will picture an airy, soft rose colored blanket and enfold myself in it - how comforting!! xxx

  14. you are such a lovely person
    and a natural healer

    i will try the comfort blankie visualisation. a very good idea :)


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