Monday, 6 February 2012

Ignoring the Plans and Self-Discovery

I had plans for the weekend.  I was going to start my Bloggers Beads Necklace but put that on hold for the time being.  I had a walk up to the library on Friday.  I got out two books that caught my eye; one on crochet and one on Astrology.  By the end of the weekend I had crocheted one side of a cushion cover and discovered my moon sign!

Finding out my moon sign has been a revelation to me!  It has helped me to understand my personality a bit more.  My sun sign is Aries, which is determined by the day I was born but my moon sign is Pisces which is determined by which sign the moon was in at the time of birth.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the child and Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, the oldest, which has picked up characteristics of the previous eleven signs.  I know that some people think that astrology is a lot of mumbo jumbo but it has helped me in the past and given me the guidance that I often seek. 

As well as reading up on astrology and crochet I think I have improved upon the brooches that I am making (see previous post) by cutting them out with pinking shears.  I think it adds to the texture.  Thank you for the suggestions on presentation, I am still tinkering with that.

I also decided I needed to make pastry at the weekend as I fancied eating some jam tarts.  I was very pleased with the result and I will be making it again.

So, I had a weekend of ignoring the one that I had planned and in the process gained some new information regarding astrology, and gained skills in learning to crochet a cushion cover and make pastry.  

I am glad that I took a detour.  Life doesn't always go to plan anyway does it?


Hen said...

Ooh jam tarts. That takes me back, I must make some... Have a good week.
Hen x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Sometimes Simone, it is just best to go with the flow!!
I love the new look brooches. :)
Have a lovely week,
V x

Toffeeapple said...

What a busy little bee you have been. It sounds as though you enjoyed yourself too.

sharon said...

Remember the old saying: "Life is what happens when you've planned something else." So happy you took the detour and gained along the way.
Happy week.

Rosie said...

Sometimes it is good to change your plans and just 'go with the flow' - I know that when I read about my star sign I recognise things about myself. I wonder if a moon sign would be the same:)

millefeuilles said...

Such an important life lesson here. The unexpected is not always easy to embrace but it very often brings its rewards. It sounds like a rich weekend to me... and, funnily enough, I was dreaming with my daughter of jam tarts yesterday.

I'm intrigued to know which pastry you made?


janjan said...

I am a Leo, but my moon is in Cancer which is more me - the homebody, the nurturer, the carer. Leo does break out sometimes but gentle Cancer calms her down.
I have my brooches pinned to cardstock. I buy birthday cards without any writing on the front or inside, usually wih an allover pattern on the front - flowers, lollies and the like. I cut them into three and pin the brooches to them (This also acts as a gift card if they are being bought as a gift). I buy the cheapy cards from the dollar shops and find this works better than buying scrapbooking cardstock and then they go into a basket. I did think of painting a branch and popping it in a pot and putting the flower brooches on like blossom.
The Leo in me likes the 'pinked' brooches but the Cancer part of me much prefers the 'unpinked' ones.

meadowsweet hare said...

your pastry book looks interesting too :) and the brooches are lovely!
i had a lovely astrologer friend when i lived in london (sadly we lost touch due to us both moving about a lot since) and i found it all very interesting. i have my sun, ascendant and venus all in sagittarius and a virgo moon (thank goodness, as i need something to ground all that saggitarian energy).
have you discovered the indian (vedic) astrological signs? they are very interesting too.

i spy some pretty colours there in your crochet ;o) can't wait for a better peek.

warmest hugs xxx


meadowsweet hare said...

p.s. i meant to mention that you've given me a jam tart craving now ;0)

Judy Hartman said...

Sharon used the quote I was thinking of, but the point is that detours can be beneficial! And I love the way your brooches look with pinked edges!!xx