Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Snow Comment

The picture above was taken from my very snowy garden on Sunday.  The picture doesn't really relate to this post but I do like to add a pretty picture.  I was wondering if people are having trouble leaving comments on this blog?  I know that I have left comments on people's blogs recently but when I go back to check, my comment has disappeared.  Maybe you are having the same problem?  If you are able to comment on this post then please do so or if you are unable to then email me at so that I am made aware of the problem.

I will be drawing a name from all the participants in the Bloggers Beads Necklace very shortly.  I am yet to start the necklace as I am still waiting for some beads that are on the way to me!


  1. Hope this comment gets through. Cold here but no snow. Looking forward to seeing the finished necklace - be interesting to see how you manage to combine a mixed selection both in terms of style and colour!

  2. We still have patches of snow here and I am now officially bored with it.

    I haven't had problems commenting on Blogger (something to do with me using Google Chrome as my browser, apparently) but have had one or two problems with WordPress and Typepad. Fingers crossed that this goes through.

  3. I have never had any problems with leaving a omment on your blog Simone, although I have had on other blogspot blogs!
    Looking forward to seeing your necklace. :)
    Looks like you have more snow on the way according to the weather forecast that I have just watched, our temperature is to be 10 degrees on Friday, you're very welcome to come over here. :)
    V x

  4. I do love snow photos! It seems so much of the world is experiencing an unusual winter. Is this a normal snow scene for your part of the UK?
    Can't wait to see what you do with the beads from around the globe.
    And thanks for leaving lovely comments on my blog. I surely love to read them.

  5. Just checking it's working ok!! I had some problems leaving comments a week or so ago, but hopefully that's fixed now and up to now haven't had a problem with yours.
    Loved your snowy picture today.
    Have a happy evening, Simone!
    Helen x

  6. It has happened to me yet! Can't wait to see the bead necklace.

  7. I think the problem is with those blogs who have a new style comments box with a reply button - they are the ones I've had difficulties with anyway. I've found out that if you refresh the page once or twice the box will appear and you can quickly click on it and leave a message. We can see green and brown in the garden again today as the snow is fast disappearing - just as more is expected again through tonight:)

  8. i think people might have been having probs commenting on my blog too and i've have heard of a few others having similar problems recently too.
    love your snowy pic, and the pun :)


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