Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mothers Pride

I was volunteering up at the vineyard today.  At the attached farm, I was lucky to be able to see the lambs that were born last night. Two different breeds of sheep each had twins.  This picture is very yellow as it was taken in the darkness of the barn with just a shaft of light shining through.  The little lamb above seemed a bit quiet and still for my liking but its Mum gave it a little nudge with her head and it was soon on its feet and moving around.  I was pleased that they have not been affected with the disease that has been making the headlines recently.


  1. So beautiful! :)
    A definite sign of spring!
    Vivienne x

  2. A brand new lamb, how lovely. I think I might have been rather emotional if I had been there.

  3. How beautiful and perfect.
    Lisa x

  4. I haven't heard about the disease you mention but am thankful to hear it has not impacted this farmer's stock. Not a day old and winning the hearts of all of us around the world. Thank you for the joy this photo has brought this snowy, windy day in the midwest USA.

  5. What a lovely photo, Simone. I can't imagine being there to see such a sweet sight!

  6. So sweet! What a lovely little lamb and how wonderful that you got to see the babies. And share them with us!


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