Tuesday, 20 March 2012


This photo of the neighbour's cherry blossom was taken two weeks ago.  Most of the blossom has fallen now and looks like fresh snow upon the ground.  Today is officially the first day of spring - but I am not ready.  I still cannot shift this virus or whatever debilitating bug it is.  I have no desire to go out for walks, tend the garden, eat chocolate, read books or do any of the things that normally bring pleasure into my life.  I am not even looking forward to visiting the vineyard this week.

I have recently found out that a dear neighbour is terminally ill and another has bowel cancer.  I thank my lucky stars that I am in general good health apart from what is ailing me at the moment.  I wondered if subconsciously, I am feeling unwell now so that I can deal with the inevitable pain of loss in a few months time when I will be required to be strong and supportive to the bereaved.

I feel world-weary.  I can't even hear the birds singing today.  The mind is a powerful tool.  I am sensible enough to accept that fact.  I think I need to put myself in the mindset of being well and then hopefully I will be well again.

.............................I have just heard birdsong.  Life goes on.


Anne said...

Sending hugs to you, Simone. Wishing you wellness in body and spirit. It will come.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Sending you healing thoughts Simone!
Take a walk in the garden and search out those birds.
Vivienne x

Kathy said...

Sending you good wishes. If you can hear the birds singing, then it's a sign that life goes on.

selfsewn said...

Ditto with the mindset Simone,
but there are always reasons to stay cheerful :)

I hate my head sometimes!!
I often wonder if I'm bi polar..

Rosie said...

It is hard to feel strong and see beauty in everyday things when you not only feel ill but also have to cope with such bad news as well. Take a small step each day and listen out for those birds:)

greenthumb said...

Take care of your self in all the ways that count.

Lyn said...

Life does indeed go on. I do hope you feel well again very soon and feel strong to face the trying time ahead. Remember to always think good thoughts. Sending love and hugs

Toffeeapple said...

Take extra vitamin B complex and
'keep in the sunlight'.
Sending hugs.