Thursday, 7 June 2012

Free Postage and Packing in the UK

Do you remember the time when I used to sell a few items at my Linden Grove Mercantile shop?  The problem back then was I could only accept cheques which excluded many people who wanted to buy items from me.  Since then I have joined Etsy which is a platform for people to sell their handcrafted goods.  The method of payment I have chosen to accept is Paypal.

I am trying to encourage people to have the confidence to buy from me and as such I have decided to offer free P&P to anyone buying from the UK for a limited period of time. So, there will be no extra charges on top of the cost of the item. It would be a good time to stock up if there are a few things you like!  I do hope that you find something that appeals in my shop.

The bluebird of happiness tag pictured above is included as a bonus in the contented cats pack of gift tags.  I may offer the bluebird of happiness tags on their own if I get enough interest.  With regards to the teeny, tiny tags in a previous post, I may include these as bonus tags in the future too.

I would love you to visit my shop either through the Etsy link or by clicking on pootlingwithpaper under the word Etsy in the side bar.

I am off to tackle more practical pursuits now such as the ironing pile which has steadily been building up whilst I have been building up my shop!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Ah that ironing pile, where does it all come from!!
I'm sure all your tags will be big hits Simone.
Vivienne x

Simone said...

Hoorah!!!! Thanks for the comment Vivienne. I was beginning to think that everyone had run to the hills! x

catkin tales said...

thank you simone! this is so generous. i have just treated myself to some bemused cats :) i know of many cat lovers in my family that will enjoy recieving them with their gifts.
thanks also for your lovely comment on my blog. now that i have the craving i am baking some pain au chocolat. they should be ready soon :)
have a lovely weekend xx

hope gizmo is feeling better now.
i am nursing two with cat flu today, it's a complete mystery how the got it, being that they are indoor cats (i was told they wouldn't require vaccination due to this) and is scary because they are really quite poorly. hope my other two don't get it. also, what a day! i have had no water supply since yesterday evening (due to the storms) and it looks like it will not return until late this evening or even tomorrow morning. it helps me appreciate just how lucky i am to have fresh, running water most of the time.

catkin tales said...

thank you for your kind thoughts, simone.
i have my kitties curled up in warm blankets on my bed, giving them lots of love and attention and little treats when they can manage them.
poor gizmo, he's had such a hard time. being sick and then becoming sicker due to visiting the vet. as i said in my reply to your comment on my blog, it is rather like when humans go to hospital because they are unwell and catch a bug.
i do hope you get lots more visitors to your shop. i absolutely love my collage kits, they are so well put together, and a bargain! i am making some birthday cards with them this weekend :) hope to do a post on this sometime in the future.

take care, love to you and gizmo xx