Friday, 8 June 2012

Gizmo Peachy Paw Pads

My lovely Gizmo is on the mend.  He was hospitalised at the vets with one complaint and came out with another.  As you can see from the photo, he has crusty eyes which I am tending to every few hours.  I believe he caught cat flu at the vets as the evening he came home he started sneezing and that turned into a blocked nose and runny eyes.  He is not due for his flu jab until August so this may be a different strain he picked up.

He is eating and drinking and purring so I am not too concerned about him at the moment.

I never quite noticed just how peachy his paw pads are.  Aren't paw pads lovely?!!!


  1. Glad Gizzmo is making a recovery. He is gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Poor Gizmo - it seem as if he has one thing after another. Glad he is on the mend. He is a lovely colour and his paws are very cute:)

  3. Poor Gizmo as if he wasn't feeling bad enough, to catch something else, at the vets of all places too!!!
    We've had cats here before with cat flu and it is nasty.
    However eating, drinking and especially purring are all good things. :)
    Give him a hug from me and yes paw pads are lovely!
    Have a good weekend Simone,
    Vivienne x

  4. What a lovely picture. I can almost hear him purring! I'm glad he's on the mend, and I'm sure you'll nurse him back to full health.

  5. I have a bit of a thing about pale paw pads and Gizmo's do look peachy, you are right. Happy to hear that he is on the mend, fancy getting 'flu from the vets! Poor thing.

  6. Oh I'm glad you have Gizmo nearly back to normal, Simone! I do hope his virus clears up soon! Yes, he is a beautiful boy, with lovely peachy paw pads!!

  7. Oh Gizmo, I am sending you a big feline hug from across the Channel.


  8. Hi, came here from Andamento's blog. Been reading about Gizmo and the sicking up. One of my cats does this every year with fur balls. The sick is very dramatic and lasts for days, but he still eats (and then honks it back all over the place). I bought some paste from the petshop that you put in the food. It contains oils to help pass the ball.
    To be honest, as this happens every year I don't worry too much any more. Oh, and I bought a cat Furminator off Amazon, a special comb-it's brilliant and shifts unbelievable amounts of hair so they can't swallow it when they groom-well worth the money.
    Hope Gizmo is feeling better soon. Dawn

  9. Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous pussy cat. Glad to see he is home and purring. Hope he is tip top soon.
    Lisa x

  10. gizmo is a very peachy cat indeed =^.^=
    i'm so happy to hear he is on the mend :) sending him a big warm hug xx and hope his eyes are better soon.
    my vet informs me that there is an awful lot of cat flu around at the moment, it's almost like an epidemic.
    my daisy is a lot better but timothy is not too good at all, we are hoping that the meds will pull him through.

  11. Glad he is on the mend, I going to look at our cats paws now what colour will theirs be?

  12. Yesterday, as I visited my Amish friends, and my sister who was with me was rocking their new baby, one of the children brought me a baby kitten to rock. Sweet. That little kitten had black toe pads on just one foot. I love it. My Dovey has just one paw with a dark toe pad, all the rest soft pink! Gotta love it.
    Glad to know you buddy is back in your tender care. I'm sure he'll be his old self soon. And you will relax in his purring company.

  13. Awww... glad he's on the mend. Those peachy paws look so kissable. My little kitty (ok, 14 year old crotchety guy) has brown pads. They look like little beans!

    Hope you're getting some rest, too and feeling better yourself!


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