Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Joy Every Day

I am taking part in Anne's Joy Every Day over at My Giant Strawberry.  The idea is to make a small book (or use one you already have) and record either by writing, drawing or pasting in something every day that brings you joy throughout the month of June. 

I am slow starter to this as to be honest there hasn't been much joy in my life for quite a while!  I will start looking at the small pleasures in life and hopefully the tide will turn for the better.  Thank you for the inspiration Anne. 

Worrying about Gizmo has kept me busy on the creative front and I have now added a few more items to the Etsy shop if you would like to have a browse.

Gizmo is improving but his 'sickness' turned into an upper respiratory problem.  I am keeping a close eye on him.  He is eating and drinking but point blank refuses to take antibiotics no matter how hard I try to conceal them in his food!  


marigold jam said...

Glad to hear Gizmo is improving. Does he like fish paste? I can often get my cats to take tablets in a half a teaspoon of paste - sardine is the preferred option - might be worth a try? Good idea to record things that give joy - we can too easily get bogged down in the other stuff and forget the little joyful things. I might try it myself!

Toffeeapple said...

I'm finding it hard to discover the joy at the moment too. Let's hope we can find something soon. Keeping fingers crossed still for Gizmo, pleased that he is eating.


Lyn said...

Glad Gizmo is eating, I do hope you can get the tablets down, have you tried cat pate? Bob could sometimes be fooled with that one or tuna?
Fingers crossed.

Rosie said...

It is always a struggle to get our cats to take their pills! We have a device called a'pill-popper' but even that can be a struggle at times. Poor Gizmo is in the wars at the moment isn't he? Do hope he improves soon. What a great idea to write down every day something that makes you happy - I might give it a try:)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Getting tablets into cats is a nightmare!!
Does he like cheese, I have had success in burying the tablet in a piece of cheese.
I really hope he is better soon, wouldn't that be a wonderful page for your book!
Vivienne x

greenthumb said...

Poor Gizmo cats are a bugger for taking their tablets. The book sounds like a lovely idea.

Lisa said...

Very pleased to hear that Gizmo is eating, that is a good sign. Hope you manage to get the tablets into him somehow.
I like the idea of the joy a day book, when dealing with a stroppy pre-teen on a daily basis a little reminder of the good things would go down a treat here!
Lisa x