Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Moon Garden - the Beginning

I took this photo at dusk last night.  The moon garden is very much a work in progress and I have much to do and plant up.  I will be planting lots of white flowered and silvery leaf plants to catch the moonlight but have yet to decide what these will be.  At the bottom of the garden is a white heady scented Jasmine that would be perfect planted here.  I can see mirrors and reflective surfaces in my scheme too.

In my previous post I offered to send an occasional hand written letter to anyone who has commented here before.  I must stress that this would be 'occasional' and not the pressurised back and forth of correspondence.  It doesn't even have to be reciprocal.  If you don't like writing letters but would still like to receive one from me then that is fine too!  So, if you want to be included then please let me know and read the previous post for more details.  I am happy to write Worldwide and spread the love!!!

I wish each of you a wonderful day full of sweet moments, creativity and spontaneity.


  1. Your moon garden is coming on wonderfully well Simone, white and silver will be lovely.
    Occasionally will be fine, no pressure as that will only take the fun out of it!
    Vivienne x

  2. Beautiful photo! I would surely love to visit your moon garden, Simone. When I get a whiff of the jasmine on my back porch I'll close my eyes and think of you there in the soft light.

  3. It looks so quiet and peaceful, Simone. I can imagine white flowers in the background. It will be so beautiful to sit there in the evenings:)

  4. It's looking beautiful. Can just imagine it all with the scent of white jasmine over all. I love the idea of the letters spreading love around the world.

  5. It's looking good already Simone, love the light.

  6. Lovely moon garden, Simone. You've already really set the mood here.

    I love the idea of spreading the love around the world.

    Enjoy your day!

  7. Very peaceful and soothing, Simone. I would be very happy to have a corner like this in my garden :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  8. Somehow, I thought I had left a comment here, but do not see it. Your moonlit garden is beautiful, Simone, and I would love to exchange letters with you, if you find the time!

  9. this is such a beautiful idea and a lovely image. i am very fond of white plants and silvery foliage and think the use of mirrors and/or water are perfect for a moon garden. are you going to have any sounds? or just silence. i am very much looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

    i love all the new makes in your etsy store. i don't have any pocket money at present but once some appears in my purse again i shall have another little shop there.

    warmest blessings xx


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