Saturday, 11 August 2012

RIP Comet

My remaining hen succumbed to fly strike.  I have bought her body back from the vets to bury in the garden.  I am going to dig up half of the wildflower meadow and lay her to rest.


  1. How sad. Keeping chickens can be like that though at times. Will you get any more or give up on poultry keeping? Shame too that your wildflower meadow will have to be sacrificed.

  2. so so sorry for the loss
    of your little hen.
    your wildflower meadow
    sounds like just the place
    to lay her down to rest.
    peace to you
    in your sadness,

  3. Fly strike is awful Simone. Had it in one of ours this year. Very grim. Sorry to hear your chick had it xx

  4. R.I.P Comet, sending you a big virtual hug Simone!

  5. Oh, Simone! Poor Comet and poor you, so sorry to hear your news. Like Michela I'm sending virtual hugs. Take carexx

  6. I am so sorry Simone to hear that, poor little thing.
    I think a wildflower meadow is just the place to lay her to rest.
    Vivienne x

  7. So sorry to read your news Simone hope you are ok
    Lisa x

  8. Such sad news Simone, hugs to you.

  9. Sorry to hear your sad news - but what a lovely idea to place her in the wildflower patch. Still looking for a name to your strange flower.

  10. Simone,
    I am ever so sad to hear your news. I have no idea what fly strike is and wonder how to avoid it. Chickens give on so many levels that I know you will miss her dreadfully. Sending healing energy your way.


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