Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I have an abundance of blackberries.  They are ripening and decaying quicker than I can use them.  They are putting down runners everywhere and invading every possible space.  Decomposing berries litter the grass and attract the wasps and gastropods. Part of me just wants to tear the plants down so I don't have to 'deal' with using them up rather than seeing them go to waste.

A strange mood has descended upon me.  I have been restless for days.  I watched the decline of my hen as she got closer to death.  I fed her berries unwittingly as the internal parasites fed on her.  I will never forgive myself for not being vigilant enough in examining her sooner.  I was due to get more hens this year but have made the decision not to keep hens anymore.  I can't protect them from the foxes without taking away their freedom and I can't deal with the health problems and ensuing vet bills.  I feel that a chapter of my life is over - and it is.

Where to now?  I just do not know.


  1. I'm so sorry, Simone. So sad about your hens and your feelings of frustration.

    Can you freeze some of your blackberries to use later in the year? I have been bad about harvesting mine, though, too. My problem has been that although I have an abundance of berries, they're not all ripening at the same time. The ones that aren't quite ripe are SO sour, so I don't really have enough to DO anything with. Ah well.

    Take some time for yourself, Simone. Enjoy the beauties around you. With every hardship you learn and there is beauty to be found in even the darkest day.

  2. I do know how you feel about losing your hens Simone. I was the same when I lost my rabbits. No matter how much I adore those little creatures I don't think I will ever keep any more as I couldn't bear the pain of their loss again.
    As for the berries, have you made any jam?
    Vivienne x

  3. I picked six berries this morning and put them with some apple for pudding! I wish I lived near enough to come and help you out with your blackberry harvest as I love them and usually freeze some for winter use.

    Sorry you have a restless mood upon you just now - probably in part due to the death of your little hen. We lost several of ours to the fox and haven't kept hens since then as it is not easy to find anyone to take care of them if you are away or even out after dark when the fox comes round! Now I buy my eggs from someone near us who keeps hens and I get the lovely fresh eggs without any of the hard work and heartbreak! Life is a series of chapters and let's hope the next chapter is a happier one for you.

  4. Don't try to imagine where next to turn, just take each day as it comes, rest, look after yourself and a new door will open where you least expect it. Meanwhile carry on with your volunteering and beautiful craft work. The blackberries you can't use will benefit the birds and insects and as your other commentators have mentioned you could freeze some blackberries or make some jam to enjoy later in the year or ask your neighbours if they can take some fruit off your hands. Take care, Simonexx

  5. I always think that when something sad happens something joyful follows.

  6. Such a sad state of affairs for you at the moment. Are you able to take yourself away from everything that upsets you, even for a little while?

    I hope that you are settled very soon. Hugs.

  7. We have an abundance of peaches and pears this Summer. As suggested by the other ladies you could keep yourself busy with some jam making or baking.
    Please don't be so hard to yourself, I'm sure you did your best for giving your pets a very happy life.

  8. Simone, i am only just getting round to visiting blogs again losing my beloved dog last week. My world has been shaken and shattered and its not been easy doing anything this week. i am sorry i am late here and I am sorry you lost your hen. Losing any pet, whatever species, is awful, and I send you a hug with this comment. You say no more hens, I say no more dogs... the heartbreak is too great. But neither of us knows the twists and turns of the road ahead, so for now just try to be gentle on yourself. You loved her and did the best you could for her. I am certain she knew that.

    Leanne x


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