Friday, 14 September 2012

Mid Life Madness

I have been slowly descending into a mid-life madness.  Surely it has reached its peak by now?  It seems the sole purpose of my existence is to keep up this blog.  There is little else in my life right now.  I am running out of things to sustain your interest and my interest.  I sometimes post things which I know are a bad idea (like this post) possibly to invoke a response or a reaction, like the poem that I posted a few days ago.  During a conversation about blogging I told my son that I had put a poem on my blog that was quite depressing which had received little comment and he said  'People don't want to read things like that.  They want to be cheered up, not brought down.'  I know what he says is true but I am not feeling particularly cheery right now. 

I spent ages in the garden this morning looking for colour or something of interest to post.  There was nothing - and then the angels above caught my eye.  I liked the image of the fallen angels among the spent and decaying leaves.  They summed up how I was feeling.

When this suffocating dark cloak has been lifted I will blog again.  I don't want to drag you down into the mire with me.


  1. Sorry you're feeling so low Simone. I know you feel you have nothing at the moment but really that isn't true, you have that lovely boy of yours for a start!!!
    I don't know that not blogging is a good idea, I think we would all like to hear from you no matter what.
    Take care,
    Vivienne x

  2. Your blogging is just right - you write as you feel.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Simone, sometimes I do find hard to leave you a comment on posts about your feelings only because my English is very poor, your blog should be about you & not what people want to hear!
    Sending on your cloudy sky a little ray of sunshine :)

  4. Simone,
    I think you are being very hard on your sweet self. I read your blog to hear what you're thinking, see what your eyes are seeing, experience what's happening with you each day. Your photos, ideas, creations, experiences, highs, lows, and in betweens. It's called sharing yourself with those who care, Simone. It's hard to realize that we're all on the same road, just not at the same signposts at the same times. When I see where you are and I haven't been there yet, I have a preview of what to look for. When you arrive where I have been and I've missed something, I look back and reexamine where I was. It's good to share the whole ride, my dear, not just the easy roads. It lifts us all in ways we don't always get to express to you. Your photo of the smiling cherub among liberated leaves in colors so new you want to pick each one up and look at in wonder, made me glad for the coziness of autumn... sweater weather, wood smoke, extra blankets on the bed, ovens filling the house with the enticing smells of what's baking, pumpkins on the porch steps, clear starry nights. Beauties of the moment. Thank you, dear Simone. Sending a warming hug.

  5. Write how you feel, Simone. Your blog is always interesting. I haven't commnented on your last couple of posts because we have been away for a week. Hope you will soon feel able to write again. Take carexx

  6. I've discovered that blogging is hard work. I've been doing it less than three months, and I am amazed by how much time it takes up. But it would be a great shame if you stopped now. In the short time that I've been here I've stashed away recipes for future use, loved your photographs (much better than mine) and marvelled at your creativity and skill.

    You have a lot of support here, Simone, don't give up. Jx

  7. Simone, i'll add my voice to the others.... be gentle on yourself please.

    ..Leanne x

  8. Hi Simone - As usual I have been away in Scotland for a few days - we have no communication up there with the outside world - no TV - no Phone - no computer or blog - it is good to get completely away but as soon as we are home I am eager to catch up with my new blogging friends as I am always interested to know what you have all been doing in my absence and of course I am always concerned if I find that one of you is feeling down. I love your blog posts because they are reflecting you and your life as it is at the moment - they don't have to be about anything special - the interest is in the fact that they are a true reflection of you. You always manage to inspire me in some way and I for one would be very sad if you felt you couldn't continue. Take care - Viv x

  9. No fear of "dragging us down in the mire" - I just enjoy keeping in touch, even though I have been very distracted lately. You mentioned your son and I wonder how old he is and whether you have other family.
    I'm sorry that you have been feeling down. I love the comment here by our dear friend Sharon, and I agree with it heartily. I hope that you'll soon be feeling better. I am rededicating myself to my blog, which I had been neglecting, and will be looking forward to being in touch more often.
    Sending you big hugs, Simone.


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