Thursday, 18 October 2012


I have found solace and clarity of thought purely by the methodical action of stringing beads. I use it as a form of meditation. I recommend this activity if you are prone to anxiety and want to quieten a troubled mind.  You may even end up with a pretty and useful piece of jewellery at the end of it and if not, you can take the beads off and start again.

Thank you for the comments and emails on my previous post.  You really do help me with your intuitive words of wisdom and practical common sense.  I have noticed that since I have opened up more and showed a somewhat 'bleaker' side to my personality (this year in particular) my blog is not as popular as it once was.  I surprise myself by not being too bothered about this.  I don't mean this in an uncaring way.  If people want to only read blogs that show the varnished side of life then that is fine, but I need to express the tarnished side too.   I guess the quest for 'my heart's desire' in my previous post will be found by being authentic in all I do and by not pretending that all is fine when it really isn't. 

Whilst I have been pondering this week, it occurred to me that I  have never been one for forward planning.  I usually only plan a few days ahead at the most.  The trouble with this is that I never have anything to look forward to.  This must change!  I am going to pencil some things to do in my diary so that I have a metaphorical carrot dangling to get me through the months.  I was thinking of things such as a visit to an art gallery or a farmer's market or a craft workshop etc.  Do you have any more suggestions for me to fill my diary?  If so, I would love to hear what you come up with.


Paula said...

I'm not much of a forward planner myself mainly because I hate it when I have spent time planning something and then for some reason it doesn't happen. That really frustrates me. I would suggest a walk somewhere you like, reading a good book, watch that DVD you love with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake on the side as a treat. I shouldn't have said this because now I want one, a slice of cake that is.

Sorry for the very long comment.

marigold jam said...

I know what you mean - I used to enjoy spinning when I was feeling anxious as like the beads it was a soporific and gentle past time and one needed to concentrate so that I always found I wasn't any longer wondering quite so much! I didn't always do anything with the yarn I produced but I enjoyed the process. Treats to have lined up well I expect you can guess a walk in the countryside is one of my favourites, coffee and a chat with a friend, learning something new on a one day workshop, reading a good book with a cup of something nice to hand and the fire lit if it's winter or outside if warm and sunny, an outing by myself on the bus perhaps, an afternoon busy crafting ..... well lots of things really.

A garden just outside Venice said...

This is what I was going to suggest you on your previous post, but then since I blog most of the time from work, I didn't have the time for dropping you a few lines.
I'd suggest you to plan a trip, it's doesn't matter where and even if it only for a few hours, just something different from your usual routine. I can assure you it works!

KC'sCourt! said...

Glad its not just me who threads beads just for peace and tranquillity. Just sitting for half-an-hour clears my head. I have to sort the beads first though in sizes, and shapes, this part relieves the stress for me.
Oh I never plan anything! I learnt that a long time ago, whenever I plan to do something whether is be for me or for do as a family I can guarantee that it goes wrong or never works out! The best thing I did for Alex and I was to join the National Trust for a year, it has made us go somewhere once or twice a month. Some of places we have been to was either far too expensive for us to go to or just not worth the entrance fee, but the costs soon add up and we have paid for the ticket and manage to go to a couple free as it were!
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I'm a great believer in the 'dangling carrot'.
Shopping trips, outings, craft workshops, especially involving something you haven't tried before! Coffee mornings, evening meals, walks in the country, walks by the sea, there are so many things you could put in your diary.
Just think of the fun you would have planning, then looking forward to the event and then actually enjoying the event itself.
Vivienne x

marigold jam said...

I forgot to say - love the felted beads they look great along with the glass ones. And also to say perhaps the reason people don't always comment so readily when you post a "bleaker" side of you kind of post is simply that they don't know what to say - maybe if they were there in person a touch on the arm or a hug would show they care but you can't do that on blogger!!

Lisa said...

Some blogs are all about the good and the pretty and that's fine, there is a place her for all types, but I think your own blog should be what you want it to be. Sometimes people don't always comment because they may find if hard to express themselves adequately and wouldn't want to risk offending or upsetting.
Love the look of your new necklace!
As for things to do and places to go I find our local council's website is good for checking for local events as is the website This time of year with Hallowe'en on it's way and then Christmas there may be local fairs and carol services you may find out about.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

Love the beads! You could plan one day each week to travel or walk locally to something like a museum, art gallery, library, park, some churches have lunch time concerts. Meet a friend for coffee or tea and a bit of window shopping. I get lost and forget the time when I'm doing family history research. I love to sit and read or watch a 'feel-good' film or murder mystery on TV:)

Toffeeapple said...

The necklace is very pretty and I like the contrast between the soft and hard materials.

If I want a change, I go to a library in a neighbouring area or go to my local Museum, I can always get tea and cake there...

greenthumb said...

Lovely necklace you did a great job. Glad it brought you time to reflect.

Helen Philipps said...

Such beautiful beads and I do believe in the calming power of creating, whether it is stringing beads, sewing, knitting, crochet...they are all absorbing and good for the soul. Planning things to look forward to is also a good device for keeping cheerful and having something nice ahead to think of.
(Also, Simone, you do write such lovely blog comments, I always enjoy reading yours both on mine and on others :))
Have a happy weekend.
Helen x

Anne said...

Hi, Simone! Good to be back in blogland again! :)

Sorry to hear you've been feeling blue.

Everyone had such good ideas in their comments. I'm sure you'll be able to find lots of fun things to do. Art exhibits, visits to shops, walks in towns you've never walked in before. It's also nice to just plan some cozy days at this time of year. Find a new recipe to try and make a date (even if it's only with yourself) to cook a nice meal, filling the house with yummy smells. Make it really special with a decorated table and flowers and all that. Plan to read certain books or take a workshop or a class. Schedule in a spa day at home and paint your toenails and give yourself a facial...

Oh, and I love those heart shaped ivy leaves in your last post. So beautiful! Your comment about how they aren't your heart's desire makes me think of the movie Chocolat where Juliette Binoche's character is trying to find out Johnny Depp's favorite chocolate. He keeps saying, it's good, but not my favorite.

Hope you're feeling better and enjoying your beading! Those felted beads are gorgeous!!

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Hi Simone - I am sure you will be able to fill up your diary with events from now until Christmas as there is so much going on everywhere. We hardly ever have many definite plans in our Calendar as we always have to remain fairly flexible so that we can visit the 'mums' and the cottage. However I do keep a folder of things that are on across the counties (as we are always travelling through one or another!) - such as Art exhibitions, Craft Fairs, Open Gardens, Theatre and film events. I pull out the events that interest us from magazines, leaflets, brochures etc and put them in date order in my folder so that if we know we have some free time we can then see what is happening. I also collect details of new places that we would like to visit at some time. This 'loose' scheduling works well for us at the moment. This weekend on the way back home from Scotland we visited a Craft Fair in Kirkbean near Dumfries (I had seen a poster about it on the Friday evening on the way up) - it was a beautiful sunny day and we had a delightful 2 hours wandering around admiring the crafts and the village and then a cup of tea and homemade cake up the road at Sweetheart Abbey. I will be posting the pics on my blog this week.
PS I agree with Marigold Jam and Lisa - some people might not know how to respond and not want to risk upsetting you - it is hard to express exactly what you want to say in these comment boxes - but I am sure a lot of people will identify with some of your 'down' days. Take care x