Thursday, 24 January 2013

Linden Grove

I don't have a photo to accompany today's post.  I was anxious to get my thoughts down and couldn't find a suitable picture.  Anyway, I was dozing off in bed last night when I started to think about my blog name and strap line.  Linden Grove.  Inspired by Nature.  I make, bake, grow, create.  I felt that the strap line (if that is what it is called) was no longer relevant to my blog.  I do indeed make, bake, grow and create but don't tend to put my endeavours on the blog so much.  Just before the *sandman arrived a name came to me.  Linden Grove: where nature meets sacred spirits.  I quickly scrabbled around in the dark for a pen and paper and wrote it down lest I should forget it by the morning.

I am quite a spiritual person.  Not in a crazy way, but in the way that I think and feel deeply.  I have a strong bond with nature and feel that the new strap line is more reflective of me and my blog.  I hope that it doesn't put you off dropping by to visit.

The reason that my blog is so named is that I was born in a place called Linden Grove.  It was a pretty tree lined street and my house was directly opposite the Victorian Cemetery, hence the 'spiritual' connection.  I no longer live in a Linden Grove but a Linden tree grows directly outside my house.

*folklore character who makes children sleep by sprinkling sand in their eyes.

The Linden Tree 

The Linden tree means a lot to me
I was born in a Linden Grove you see

Among the foliage creatures nest
And on the branches, take a rest
Providing shelter to their kin
And insects bury deep within

Linden's flowers attract the bees
And are rich with healing properties

Heart shaped leaves with love abound.
Deciduous, fall on the ground

The Linden tree means a lot to me
I was born in a Linden Grove you see
Simone Whipp January 2013


Rose Fern said...

I like your new title very much!!!!!!!

selfsewn said...

Sweet poem by a sweet lady x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a lovely poem. :)
I always wondered where your name came from and of course I'm not put off in the slightest. Do what you feel Simone, do what you feel!
Happy Thursday,
V xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

What a wonderful poem.
Julie xxxxx

Judy Hartman said...

This is perfectly lovely, Simone, and I love your explanation! Yes, put what you feel as your "strap line"! Still the same insightful person, with a nature-filled soul! xx

Toffeeapple said...

You clever girl you. I love the Linden tree and actively seek them out. Last year our Council performed tree 'surgery' on the ten trees in a park and I am not sure that they will flower this year. I have my fingers firmly crossed.

Paula said...

That's a lovely poem Simone and I like your strapline very much, I wish I could come up with something equally inspired and inspiring for my blog.

Lyn said...

What a lovely poem and I love the new strap line, just right for you. Xxx

dappled days said...

Love the poem and the new strapline's very you, I think.

You are a magical person.

Rosie said...

Your new strap line is just you and the poem is lovely, the linden trees have obviously had and still have a great influence on your life:)

Ann said...

Excellent post again - and what a lovely poem. Don't think it would sound the same if I tried to make a poem about my birthplace - Bridgegate Road!!

Lisa said...

Good idea to scribble your thoughts down in case you forgot in the morning, I like the change is good is it more of a true and honest reflection.
Lisa x

Anne said...

What a lovely poem, Simone. It's wonderful when inspiration hits like that. Glad you were able to capture it!