Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fabric Flower Rings

In preparation for my fabric flower workshop which WILL happen sometime over the coming months, I thought I would have a go at scaling down the large brooches and make some dinky rings. They are a little more fiddly to make but great fun.

I know the rings are kitsch and probably tasteless but something about them appeals to the ageing hippy in me.  I will probably wear the ring with the blue stone while demonstrating.  The ditsy floral fabric reminds me of the days when I wore nothing but Laura Ashley prints. 

Soon I will have reached saturation point with my fabric flowers and will need to move on to learning and teaching something new.  Do you think the vineyard volunteers would possibly be interested in nature printing?


  1. oh yes what a great idea you could use a hammer to print the leaves...it has a posh name but I forget it. link here....http://www.resurrectionfern.typepad.com/resurrection_fern/2008/07/printing-with-l.html
    worth a try!

  2. Those rings are beautiful Simone especially the one in the middle, that's my favourite.

  3. I'm sure they would, they're obviously nature lovers or they wouldn't be working there so I would think it would be right up their street.
    Your rings are gorgeous Simone, I love the blue one, I'm an ageing hippy too! ;)
    V xxx

  4. The rings are wonderful! I could easily wear them!

  5. I like the rings, Simone, I'm sure the members of your workshop will enjoy making them:)

  6. Oh golly, I think I had a Laura Ashley dress just like that too!
    Top left does it for me. The contrast between the fabric and the lovely red centre.

  7. Simone,
    I think your rings are delightful. Great idea. The school where I volunteer is grades 5-12. I think lots of those girls would gush over these.
    Oh, I have 3 Laura Ashley dresses in my closet right now.
    love her prints!

  8. Your fabric rings are lovely, Simone. I used to wear Laura Ashley (long) dresses a lot of the time too, when I was an art student! I wish I had kept them all now!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  9. Pretty, pretty, pretty!! Love these rings! And nature prints seem like a very appropriate class for vineyard volunteers! xx

  10. Oh these are a great addition to your flower makes, I'm sure they will prove popular in your classes.
    Lisa x

  11. WOW! Its been so long since I visited your blog, your are doing some wonderful craft and creative work. I don't wear rings but I would wear one of these rings, so pretty :-)


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