Thursday, 14 February 2013


Is it snow or is it clouds?  It all depends upon your perception.  I have often wondered how I am perceived by others.  In fact, I think I have asked this question before on the blog.  Some of you will 'know' me quite well as you have been with me since the start of my blog, others are just getting to know me.

I have a question for you all.  What word would you use to describe me on this blog?  I will read all the replies before moderating the comments so that Bloggers are not influenced by others thoughts and opinions.

It will be interesting to find out if others see me as I 'see' myself. 


  1. I've found you to be a very loyal friend Simone, that was the immediate thing that came into my head, I didn't have to think about it!
    V xxx

  2. You are a kind, friendly, understanding, intelligent, wonderful lady.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. I don't know you that well yet, but I like you very much so far. However, I don't think that we should care about what others think of us, or if their opinion coincides with ours.We should only try to comprehend ourselves.I find it the most difficult and challenging of all...

  4. Hello Simone, rather hard to use just one word, I'll give it a go - the first one that popped into my head was "thoughtful", but I wasn't entirely happy with that so had a shot on the old on-line thesaurus and came up with "pensive", "wistful" and also "solemn". So there you go...

  5. I know from experience that you are considerate and creative. I think I know from your posts over the years that you are quite sensitive and thoughful and sometimes despondent. I think I've learned from your posts in the last year that you are also seeking a more spiritual way of living your life. It is hard to describe what I think is you in one word or which of the words I've used above is the right one but that word 'seeking' keeps coming back to me:)

  6. I think you're a little like me Simone, someone who worries too much about things and by anticipation but at the same time you realise that and try to change it.

  7. I think creative springs to mind straight away. You have shared with us lots of wonderful things you have made and I've been the very lucky recipient of some too.
    You are very in tune with nature too, the work you do with the vines and the way you mark the passing of seasons.
    When I saw your post come up on my blog roll I immediately thought the picture was clouds, when I came to your blog I saw it more clearly as snow. And I thought that was fitting as that kind of reflects how we can be perceived too, the bigger picture or the smaller picture.
    Lisa x

  8. Creative, unsure, willing to learn. I know those are more than one word, forgive me.

  9. Mmh..good question! I think I'd describe you as a very sensitive and kind delicate as a flower :)
    Have a good weekend!

  10. Simone,
    Many words come to mind. Generous, reflective, sensitive, creative, empathetic, thoughtful, beautiful, imaginative, fun, friendly, inspirational, faithful, courageous. Sister would be a good word. Friend brings it all together.

  11. I could think of many words to describe you, Simone - intelligent, caring, curious and deep - but since I know you mainly as a blogger, I would have to settle on "eloquent". You use words beautifully and tell a story extremely well.

    I really thought about my answer! xx

  12. Deep-thinking, thought provoking and honest.


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