Sunday, 17 March 2013


The number five is significant to me this year.  This is my five hundredth post!   I have been blogging for five years (since1st March), I have my fiftieth birthday in a weeks time, I have been married twenty five years in June, and last but not least my son will be fifteen later this year.  That is a whole bunch of fives!

All of this talk of the number five has nothing to do with the photo above.  I will give you five guesses to work out what it is though!

* It is moss on top of the garage roof!


Selfsewn said...

Well Im glad I stopped by Simone, congrats on all your fives.
I'm guessing it's definitely moss....roof moss?

Anyway I stopped by to share a blogger who left me a comment today.
I've just been reading through her blog and I thought of you, shes a lovely chatty lady with a really positive uplifting outlook. I wish you would pop over
I dont normally push blogs but I think you'd like Connies.

Clare x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Congrats on all the fives Simone! That really is a lot. :)
I think it looks like lichen!
V xxx

Toffeeapple said...

No idea, but congratulations on all those fives.

KC'sCourt! said...

Congratulations on the fives.
Its Moss or Lichen
Julie xxxxxxxx

rusty duck said...

Hey, congratulations Simone!

Ali said...

That's a significant collection of fives - congratulations on many counts. What's the moss on? Is that the significant thing? A five hundred year old somethingorother?

greenthumb said...

Well that's a lot of fives,

Hen said...

Well done Simone, so many fives to be prod of there. I like the photo, makes me want to feel it, looks to be moss on a stone wall maybe? Thank you also for your really kind comment on my blog, like you, unless I have something positive to say, I tend to keep quiet! Hope you have a good week weather forecast is a bit pants though).
Hen x

Rosie said...

It would seem that the number 5 is very significant for you this year so I'm guessing that perhaps the plant's name has a five in it? Congratulations on your 5 years and 500 posts here on Linden Grove and I hope all your forthcoming anniversaries and events are happy and memorable:)

Rose Fern said...

I have no idea...maybe moss on rocks? Congrats on your fives!

Rose Fern said...

I just wanted to say I was happy to receive your first Newsletter! It's lovely! I especially enjoyed the spring quotes!I'm also looking forward to your giveaways!
Good luck with your newsletters!

Helen Philipps said...

Congratulations on all those fives, Simone! A lot of lovely moss...not sure what it is growing on though!
Wishing you a happy week.
Helen x

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Congratulations and a High Five for all your fives. As usual I am having trouble seeing your picture and I am at a loss to know why the photos are not appearing to me so I will have to pass on guessing what it is!
Viv x

A garden just outside Venice said...

Looking forward to a virtual bloggy party next week then?! :)