Sunday, 17 March 2013


The number five is significant to me this year.  This is my five hundredth post!   I have been blogging for five years (since1st March), I have my fiftieth birthday in a weeks time, I have been married twenty five years in June, and last but not least my son will be fifteen later this year.  That is a whole bunch of fives!

All of this talk of the number five has nothing to do with the photo above.  I will give you five guesses to work out what it is though!

* It is moss on top of the garage roof!


  1. Well Im glad I stopped by Simone, congrats on all your fives.
    I'm guessing it's definitely moss....roof moss?

    Anyway I stopped by to share a blogger who left me a comment today.
    I've just been reading through her blog and I thought of you, shes a lovely chatty lady with a really positive uplifting outlook. I wish you would pop over
    I dont normally push blogs but I think you'd like Connies.

    Clare x

  2. Congrats on all the fives Simone! That really is a lot. :)
    I think it looks like lichen!
    V xxx

  3. No idea, but congratulations on all those fives.

  4. Congratulations on the fives.
    Its Moss or Lichen
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Hey, congratulations Simone!

  6. That's a significant collection of fives - congratulations on many counts. What's the moss on? Is that the significant thing? A five hundred year old somethingorother?

  7. Well done Simone, so many fives to be prod of there. I like the photo, makes me want to feel it, looks to be moss on a stone wall maybe? Thank you also for your really kind comment on my blog, like you, unless I have something positive to say, I tend to keep quiet! Hope you have a good week weather forecast is a bit pants though).
    Hen x

  8. It would seem that the number 5 is very significant for you this year so I'm guessing that perhaps the plant's name has a five in it? Congratulations on your 5 years and 500 posts here on Linden Grove and I hope all your forthcoming anniversaries and events are happy and memorable:)

  9. I have no idea...maybe moss on rocks? Congrats on your fives!

  10. I just wanted to say I was happy to receive your first Newsletter! It's lovely! I especially enjoyed the spring quotes!I'm also looking forward to your giveaways!
    Good luck with your newsletters!

  11. Congratulations on all those fives, Simone! A lot of lovely moss...not sure what it is growing on though!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  12. Congratulations and a High Five for all your fives. As usual I am having trouble seeing your picture and I am at a loss to know why the photos are not appearing to me so I will have to pass on guessing what it is!
    Viv x

  13. Looking forward to a virtual bloggy party next week then?! :)


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