Tuesday, 12 March 2013


It is bitterly cold today, but the sun is shining and there are stirrings of Spring.  In March 1963, it was one of the coldest winter's on record here in the UK. I was due to be born in early March but held on until after the Spring Equinox.  It seems that I didn't want to come out into a cold and hostile environment but knew I couldn't stay in the same place forever.

Quite often I feel like that unborn child, frightened to step out into the big bad World, but as I am no longer that undeveloped mind,  I have taken a giant leap of faith this week.  Stretching my self imposed limitations, I have created the first Linden Grove Newsletter!

The purpose of the *newsletter is so that subscribers can be the first to know about upcoming giveaways, read inspiring quotes and words of wisdom and/or seasonal recipes and remedies.  To receive the complimentary newsletter, please click on the link Linden Grove Newsletter and you will be taken to the sign up form.

I really hope that you come along with me on this latest venture.  Who knows where it may lead?

* My intention is to send a newsletter for each of the four seasons and maybe one or two in between so you won't be bombarded with them!  I have already sent out newsletters to the first people that have responded.  I will send out a second mailshot next week. If you want to be on the list then please click on the link above in the text in order to sign up.  Thank you!


  1. This sounds like an exciting venture Simone, I shall certainly put my name down for it.

  2. Hi Simone,

    I've just sent you an email to subscribe to your newsletter.

  3. Great idea! Off to email you now. :)
    V xxx

  4. Wow, Simone! Very exciting! Looking forward to it!! (of course I signed up!) xx

  5. Hi Simone- Very exciting - I will send you an email (a Genuine one this time) I like the name Linden Grove Newsletter it has a certain ring to it. Can't wait for my first one. How often will you produce them? Viv xx

  6. I've just registered, Simone. Look forward to receiving a Linden Grove Newsletter:)

  7. Oh I tried to register but it'll wouldn't work on my ipad so next time I fire up my old laptop I will register then how ery exciting! X

  8. I've registered! Looking forward to it!

  9. I hope I'm not too late! I'm having my usual weekly catch up, hectic times overhere!


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