Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Ostara, otherwise known as the Spring Equinox (vernal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere. This year the Spring Equinox is March 20th. The day and  night are equal in length all over the World.  We celebrate it officially as the first day of Spring.  The wonderful hare in the photo above epitomises Spring for me.  The mad march hare that bursts with energy, sparring and leaping among the grasslands.

Is that a new magazine? I hear you ask after I pledged not to buy any more at the end of last year.  I didn't buy it.  My son had forgotten to give me a Mother's Day card this year so I said that I would prefer to receive a magazine instead.  A card and gift rolled into one!  I was spoilt for choice looking at the magazines on the stand but instead of reaching for the familiar Country Living I went for LandLove.  It seems much more like Country Living used to be before it seemed to lose its way.  I would highly recommend this magazine if you can get your hands on one.  If you are trying to cut down on magazine purchasing though, why not just buy a really good one each season and read it cover to cover?

To celebrate this new season, I am having a giveaway!  To enter the giveaway then please leave me a comment below and let me know what you would like to win!  Perhaps you would like something handmade by me?  Something to eat?  Something to grow? Something pretty or practical or both!  I will tailor the gift to suit the recipient.  Do not be shy in letting me know what you like.

Wishing you all a lovely Ostara.  I am going to celebrate by giving the house a spring clean!

*The giveaway has now closed.  Thank you for entering!


  1. Happy spring Simone!!!!!!!
    Such a nice idea, the giveaway! Well if I should choose, I would say something handmade, since it will be something I will remember you with or something to eat, especially if it's something British! I love trying out foreign cuisines! So, since I like surprises, I leave it up to you to decide which of the two in the (happy) chance that I win!

    1. Thank you for the comment Simone!The recipe is already added on the posting! I hope you'll bake it!Let me know!

  2. Hope spring time arrives with some warmth and sunshine, a hand made gift made by you would be lovely to win,if I'm so lucky. Greenthumb

  3. Isn't that photo of the little hare beautiful ! :)
    Wishing you a wonderful spring, although I've been in spring for a while myself . :)
    Definitely something handmade Simone, what a lovely giveaway, a mystery!
    V xxx

  4. I am hoping to see some Hares this Easter at the cottage I will be very disappointed if I don't. I love the giveaway idea and if I could choose then it would be something handmade. I still have your lovely card on my mantelpiece so perhaps something to replace this for the summer. Just need to win now!

  5. I wasn't going to buy many magazines this year either, Simone but when I saw the hare on Landlove I couldn't resist it - it sits on the coffee table where I can see it. What a super mother's day present. Happy Ostara to you - maybe Spring will show her face soon, I hope:)

  6. I'm hoping Spring comes soon, at the moment it's very gloomy and very, very cold. What a great giveaway, I'd go for something handmade & pratical. Wishing you a great Sring.

  7. Hi Simone, I have just found your blog and signed up for your Spring 2013 Newsletter which I found so lovely. As I am new to your blog perhaps a photo of a robin and a little poem would be a wonderful giveaway for me♥ I hope Spring is just around the corner for you, a very special time of year:) Linda, Gold Coast, Australia

  8. hello Simone, blessings of Ostara to you. its taken so long arriving, I havent been my usual happy self over this lo0ng cold winter, and i am hoping now the wheel really has turned, my spirits will lift. I have had several issues of that mag, its lovely isnt it? and far less ads than CL has! if i was o be the lucky winner it would be handmade and hopefully include one of your lovely hare charms..like the post a couple down from this one. seems fitting too, with a hare in a prominent photo here too!

    blessings to you., Leanne xx

  9. Hi Simone, please do not enter me in your generous giveaway, I just wanted to leave you a comment and a thank you, I was discussing just today with my friend about the 1st day Of Spring, as I thought it would have been tomorrow as usual.

  10. Oh at last does that mean we get some nice weather now?
    Happy Spring!
    I love hares and have been lucky enough to catch the odd glimpse of one every now and then.
    I have not seen Land Love mag for ages, I get way too many mags anyway! X

  11. That magazine cover is so Springy!!! I have been trying to do the same thing - buying one outstanding magazine every season instead of subscribing and having unread magazines piled up all over the place!
    Simone, I would love to win any little handmade item of yours - you make such lovely things! Please count me in! xx

  12. I love the magazine cover...the hare is a beautiful animal! A surprise giveaway is such a lovely idea....something handmade by you would be a wonderful treat!
    Happy Spring, Simone!
    Helen x


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