Thursday, 20 June 2013


The heron was standing at the waters edge before I went to the vineyard.  When I returned more than two hours later it was still standing there!  I was a bit worried in case it was looking for ducklings but I could only see adults on the lake.

Life has certainly picked up pace at the moment.  I am busy at the vineyard and the market garden and I am about to start a college course for a month called 'An Introduction to Gardening'.  I think some of it will be very basic but I am sure to learn something new and meet a different circle of people too so it should be worthwhile.  The pre-requisite of the course are an up to date tetanus injection and steel toe capped boots!!!

Heavy rain and thunderstorms have been forecast for today and it is just beginning to cloud over.  I don't think the weather has been too bad this June although my flowers are late to bloom and the wildflower patch is looking distinctly weedy!  I hope I pick up some tips on the gardening course to find out suitable plants to grow in my garden.  I will pass on any valuable snippets of information via this blog.

I am itching to do some crafting at the moment.  I may even make some paper tags again.  Do you remember the paper tags I used to make?  I used to really enjoy making them.  If you look under 'labels' on the right hand side of the screen you will see 'papercraft' and the old posts on tags will be listed there.


  1. Exciting times ahead for you, hope you have fun with your new education!
    Lisa x

  2. Oh yes I remember the tags, I still have mine they were too nice to give away!
    Beautiful birds herons, we have one in the park, they always look pre-historic to me when they fly.
    Life sounds good at the moment Simone, enjoy!
    V xxx

  3. Sounds great, I would love to find a corse like that. Have a good weekend.

  4. That sounds like an interesting course, Simone and I'm sure you will learn a lot from it and if you enjoy it there may be more courses to do too as a follow up:)

  5. Any tips gratefully received... not sure about the steel capped boots though.. :(

  6. Sounds like it could be interesting. Have a good weekend.:)

  7. I have one of your tags - it is a blue elephant with an indian paper caparison; I love it and it is on permanent display.

    I hope you enjoy your course, not sure about the boots though.

    Do you suppose that the Heron was being very patient?

  8. Hi Toffeeapple, I am flattered that you have one of my tags on permanent display! I am not sure about the steel toe capped boots but it is part of the stringent health and safety measures. I used to wear a pair of Doc Marten's in my younger days and I think they have steel top caps - I will seek them out. I think the Heron was either being very patient or very greedy!!!


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