Thursday, 31 October 2013

Another Grumpy Fairy

The fairy is grumpy because of all things
She wasn't given a pair of wings
She tried to fly with a leap and a bound
But soon came crashing to the ground
The fairy folk told her what they had learnt
Wings weren't just given they had to be earned
Be good and be kind said the wise old crow
And before you know it your wings will grow

Simone Whipp 2013

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a grumpy fairy then please leave a comment here or in the previous post.


  1. Love the little poem - no wonder she is a bit grumpy!

  2. Oh she is wonderful!
    Julie xxxx

  3. I love the poem Simone, you need to include this with every little fairy or even write a different poem for each fairy.
    This is such a good idea. :)
    V xxx

  4. She looks even grumpier than the last one! I love the little poem you have written for her:)

  5. What a lovely little poem to match with her!

  6. I love the grumpy fairy and the poem!!


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