Saturday, 2 November 2013

Grump-Fest of Fairies

I have added a few more grumpy fairies to the collection.  Securely attached to their presentation card with the grumpy poem.  Now people can know why the fairies look so disgruntled!

After making so many angry faces I decided on a 'happy' fairy.  She caused me so many problems especially with trying to keep the wings fixed and I am sure that her smile was quite sinister at times!

I am going to give the fairy making a break whilst I concentrate on making some bracelets.  After so many attempts on trying to finish them off, I think I've cracked it.

Grumpy Fairy Giveaway - Please click here.


  1. Glad you seem to be on a roll with your creativity at the moment. The fairies are really cute and I am looking forward to seeing the happy one.

  2. Love the fairies
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Nice!You just can't stop now...can you?

  4. These are wonderful Simone, such characters! Xxx

  5. I love the grumpy fairies, they have lots of character !!
    Happy weekend Simone,
    V xxx

  6. Your grumpy fairies have made me smile this morning, Simone:)

  7. Wow you have been busy - are you selling them simone?


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