Monday, 7 October 2013

On Trend

Don't you just hate the term 'on trend'?  A few years ago I bought the Keep Calm and Carry on poster from Barter books in Northumberland.  It was a facsimile of the original WWII poster.  I really liked the poster as I believed in its message plus it was something 'original'.  I placed the poster under perspex and gave it pride of place on the kitchen wall.  Today you see cheap copies of the message everywhere with Keep Calm and (insert message here) on mugs, coasters, T-shirts, notebooks etc. It has become 'on trend'.  I guess there is nothing wrong with that but for me it has diluted my enjoyment of the poster I have and it no longer feels 'exclusive'.

When things become 'fashionable' I somewhat perversely go off them.  I suppose I am a little bit arrogant as I want the things I have to be unique and feel special to me.  Do you ever feel like that? 

Something else in my life that has become 'on trend' is people wanting to volunteer at the vineyard.  The more the merrier most would say but for me it has lost its charm.  I much prefer to be a big fish (or even a small one) in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.  The more other people get involved and take over the more I take a back seat and lose interest.  I guess I want to feel needed and if I am not wanted I will go elsewhere.

Anyway, I just thought I would venture out on my soapbox today.  I haven't done that for a while and felt the need to air an opinion or two.


  1. I know what you mean - I liked those frilly scarves till everyone had one and making cards till it became on trend and everyone was at it. I hate Cath Kidson whereas I used to like that kind of pattern before it became on trend and .... Like you I too prefer to be a big fish in a small pond and am just back from my volunteering stint where I visit and take out an elderly lady who is partially sighted and who thinks I am the best thing since sliced bread and makes me feel important!!

  2. I'm like you in that if people join in with something I'm involved in and push to take over rather than to join in with everyone else I just back off and go and do something else where it is quieter and less pressured. When we had our new kitchen about ten years ago it was mostly grey and white and I wanted a colour to lift it - I thought an acid/lime green would be ideal but I couldn't find any kitchen jars or utensils etc in that colour - now that colour is everywhere in kitchen shops:)

  3. I am not a lover of these modern made up words and phrases. I remember a while back that everything design wise was termed as sexy including some buildings! I am not sure the local mills around here ever had sex appeal and I can't believe that any of the mill workers would ever have talked about being on trend. I am sorry that you feel disheartened by the number Vineyard volunteers - I have no doubt they will just be passing through until they find the next fashionable venture. I like your soap box - you give a voice to many of us!


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