Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Thoughts Before Sun Down

Am I just an afterthought?
Do I matter?
Am I just a number?
Have I given more than I have taken?
Will I ever be enough?
Do others feel so deeply?
What is my purpose?


marigold jam said...

Surely not
Yes of course you do
Nobody is just a number
Only you will know the answer to this one
Yes - who decides what is enough if not you?
Yes some of us do
I don't know but I like to think it might be to give support and help to at least one person somewhere along the way.

Rosie said...

Such deep thoughts before sundown, Simone you have highlighted so well all the hopes, fears and uncertainties that most of us experience at differing times throughout our lives. This is a very melancholic time of year when summer turns to autumn and then winter it is a reflection of our lives as we grow older and hopefully wiser but then I remember raging with these questions about life in my teenage years too! I hope a new day will bring new thoughts. Take carexx

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

That's one of the biggest questions on earth that anyone can ask. What's your purpose? And it's always interesting to hear the answers.
So, what is your purpose?