Thursday, 14 November 2013

Beautiful Blue

I am still very attracted to the colour blue at the moment.  The satin cord shown on the bracelet above is such a soft and pretty shade of blue.  I did make a pretty pink one as well but Gizmo has hidden it!

 The adjustable bracelets are such fun to make using the sliding knot technique.

Although the bracelet looks huge in these photos it is actually rather delicate and the beads are only about 10mm across. 

 I have been making earrings too.  They are notoriously difficult to photograph especially outside on a windy day.  No professional set up here! 

I am holding these up whilst trying to photograph with my other hand.  Hopefully you can get a rough idea of how they look.  They are much lovelier in reality.  I am working on making some 'shoulder duster' earrings but these ones come just past the chin.  I hope you are not bored of seeing what I make but it is a great way of me cataloguing my progress or otherwise! 


  1. No way are we bored seeing your makes, actually I really love to see what you are making.
    Your jewellery is beautiful Simone!
    I am very amused at Gizmo stealing the pink bracelet though! :)
    V xxx

  2. I love the way you present and display your jewellery, Simone. I wonder why Gizmo chose the pink bracelet to hide?:)

  3. I don't think he had a preference for pink Rosie, it was just the one he was able to reach!

  4. Oh my goodness, Simone - you have been busy making beautiful things!! Lovely jewelry!!
    My sister has a cat who hides things. It took her years to find her hiding place and she found lots of nearly forgotten treasures!!! x

  5. I have one like that and it has blue sparkles in it also.

  6. How could we be bored with seeing your beautiful jewellery? These items and the previous two are lovely.

  7. Well, the festive season is upon us once again and I'm sure your beautiful items will sell very well. So get them out there mate. Go into the shops to have them stocked there, get them into the Christmas markets etc etc. Or what about the shops that sells cards such as: Clinton cards?

  8. Beautiful! I especially love that bracelet, its so pretty. And great photos too.


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