Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Reading

I look forward to catching up with reading over the Christmas break.  It has taken me ages to devour books this year as I only seem able to read a few pages before I drop off to sleep!  I spent a lot of time earlier in the year reading 'The Apothecary's Daughter' set in London around 1666 at the time of the great fire and of the plague.  I have never been into historical novels until now and Charlotte Betts researches her material so well that I felt I was the main lead in the book!  Since then I have gone on to read 'The Painter's Apprentice' which is a follow on book and I am about to start to read 'The Spice Merchant's Wife' also by Charlotte Betts.  All this talk of apothecaries and spices led me to send off for the latest catalogue by G Baldwin and Co.  Baldwin's is a lovely old fashioned apothecary shop in the Walworth Road, London SE17.  They are 'purveryors of natural products since 1844' and well worth a visit.  As a child I used to visit their market stall in East Lane and my Mum would treat me to one of their hot sarsaparilla drinks. You can find their website here G Baldwin and Co.

I do like to have a few crafty books on the go too and was particularly smitten with Mollie Makes 'Woodland friends' when I found it on the library shelf.  It is nice to see a modern take on traditional crafts and get some ideas when inspiration is flagging.  I think another visit to the library is on the cards as I don't want to be without reading material over the next few weeks!


  1. Apothecary is a wonderful word, don't you think, it conjures up all sorts of sights and smells!
    Lovely reading material Simone, the Mollie Makes book looks lovely! :)
    V xxx

  2. The apothecary's shop looks a wonderful place. I haven't come across that author before so may give her books a try next year. I have a little pile of books to read including one by Imogen Robertson and one by Rachel Hoare both of whose books I've enjoyed this year. Happy reading:)

  3. Love the sound of apothecary makes me think of those big glass bottles that used to always be in chemist's windows. Must look out for thos books by Charlotte Betts and also see if the woodland friends is on my library's shelves. Enjoy your reading over Christmas!

  4. I think I must seek that book out, sounds quite interesting
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. Not come across these, but they look interesting - the 'Molly Makes' one looks good too!

    Julia x

  6. Enjoy your reading over Christmas, I love to have a nice new book to enjoy during the holiday week!
    Helen x

  7. I think I would like those books, thanks for sharing. It's so nice when you discover a new author.
    Happy reading.
    Lisa x

  8. Enjoy your festive readings Simone!
    I'm hoping to have some spare hours and start reading a book I borrowed from my boyfriend's shelf :)

  9. Thank you for the nudge, I need to go to the library. I like the look of your novels too, I might give those a try. Thanks Simone!

  10. Thanks for the suggestions, Simone. My reading has gone into a lull lately, rereading old favorites. I too usually only get to my book at the close of the day, too sleepy to get very far. Maybe allowing an hour each day in the new year????


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