Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Procrastination

There is much to be done. Presents to buy and wrap.  Food plans to be written and recipes rehearsed.  Christmas attire to be chosen and dusted down from inside the depths of the wardrobe.  It would be a great help if Christmas happened every two years and not annually!

So whilst my to-do list grows I am shoving all my worries under the carpet and thinking about all the things I want to make and do next year (yes I am procrastinating.)  I have sent off for four metres of muslin (cheesecloth) and I plan to make herbal sleep bags/pillows (such was the influence of 'The Apothecary's Daughter' in the previous post.)  I will be seeking out all kinds of sleep inducing herbs and pretty cotton fabrics to house the pillows. My house will be the sweet scented haven that I have always wanted it to be and I will ignore the fact that is falling down in places.

So many more projects to do.  Herbs to grow, pictures to paint, things to sew.........

Christmas procrastination.  Why not put off today that which can be done tomorrow?  Gulp!  Is it true there is only 6 more days to go? 

.............and as if by magic it will all come together on the day. 


  1. Of course it will and if it doesn't so what! Enjoy it don't let it be a stress making affair. Love the sound of the herbal sachets and pillows. Let us see them when you get time to make them won't you?

  2. It will all happen Simone and it will all be ok! Just take it as it comes, I do like the idea of it only happening every two years though, we could replace it with another summer! :)
    V xxx

  3. I have to admit that its about this time every year I start to want to make something that's in no way whatsoever connected to Christmas! I'm no Scrooge but there's only so much red, white and glitter a crafty person can take! ;o) Herbal sleep sachets sound the perfect antidote to all things Christmas.

  4. The art of procrastination is a fine thing - I've finally posted the last cards and have just the cards to pop in neighbours letter boxes which I'll do today or maybe tomorrow! I have a lavender pillow which I love - your idea of herbal pillows sounds wonderful:)

  5. I think everybody loves to procrastinate when Christmas is approaching on us :D
    Just today I wrote a list of pressies I still have to buy...and I thought all my shopping was done..phew...

  6. I am looking forward to sleep pillows!

    Enjoy your procrastination.

  7. Love those glass ornaments, Simone. They look like old friends. Must be a joy to bring out each December... sending shining love across the sea.


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