Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Summer Vision

I am struggling at the moment.  I don't think I remember a time when we had so much rain for so many months.  The house is full of damp and I even think it has reached my bones!  Anyway, I gave myself a bit of a pep talk about looking forward to better days and came up with a poem that I thought I would share with you.

When you're down, and feeling glum
And it feels like spring has never sprung
Just hold on tight and through the rain
Imagine summer days again
Flower heads bobbing in the breeze
Bright blue skies and honey bees
Do not fret but look ahead
To garden days - a picnic spread

The photo above was taken at Myddleton House Gardens in August 2013.  It was a glorious day and a wonderful memory.


marigold jam said...

Indeed or you could also enjoy the wet days there's nothing like having a good excuse to stay indoors crafting or maybe listening to some favourite music with a cup of your preferred brew or putting on your wellies and going out in the rain for a walk (if you are coming home to somewhere warm and dry and not having to stay wet for the rest of the day)I love a walk in the rain! The sun is still there, we will have some warmer days Spring will come you just have to be patient!

A garden just outside Venice said...

Hi Simone :)
Feeling very demotivated this week even if today the sky is blue and sunny for a couple of it's nice to read your positive poem.
Off to catch up with your previous posts!

marigold jam said...

Me again - Sorry if I sounded preachy or Pollyannaish - your poem is lovely and a bit of daydreaming is always a good thing.

Rosie said...

I love the thought of 'flower heads bobbing in the breeze, bright blue skies and honey bees' - and your photo is lovely. I haven't been into the garden for days as it is so wet and squelchy underfoot. I can't imagine it will ever dry out but I expect it will one day soon:)

Helen Philipps said...

That is such a beautiful photo, Simone! I loved your cheery poem too :)
Helen xx

Selfsewn said...

Brilliant, this is the way forward for sure! We have damp too xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Beautiful image and wonderful poem, sure to lift any spirits! :)
V xxx

Lisa said...

A garden spread, this conjures up such lovely thoughts of picnics to come.
Thanks for sharing.
Lisa x

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Hi Simone - it is pretty wet isn't it - I find it so hard getting up at the moment with these dark wet mornings. Lovely photo and I too long for those warm picnic days.

Anne Butera said...

This is beautiful, Simone! I think it's been a hard winter for a lot of us this year. But spring will come. And summer, too.

All the jewelry you've been making recently is so lovely!

Puppet Lady said...

Gorgeous picture, lovely poem.

Judy Hartman said...

Simone, I feel badly for you - that much rain would make me feel glum indeed!! But aren't you clever to counteract it with a charming verse!! Many of us are sick of winter already and your photo and poem are a welcome gift!! Thank you!!xxx