Saturday, 1 February 2014

Groundhog Day

I awoke to a surprisingly bright day with a blue sky and a brisk wind.  Later the sky turned grey and overcast as it has been for weeks on end.  I thought to myself, groundhog day and when I looked it up on Wikipedia found that groundhog day is actually tomorrow, 2nd February!  Read about it here 

Since Tuesday afternoon I had a migraine that went on until Friday evening.  A pounding in the right side of my head, an earache and painful tension in neck and shoulder.  I took pain killers but they had little effect.  The main headache has now ceased but I feel dull and as though I have a hangover.  Any tips on how to manage a migraine will be greatly received!

As I have been mostly confined to house for the last few days, I thought I would take a walk to a small local park and visit the library.  There was very little of interest in the park and the only colour I could find was in the plants shown in the photograph above.  Uninspired I went to the library and could not find anything to interest me.  Do you ever get to the point when you feel as though nothing is new and you've seen it all before?  That is just how I feel but in my heart I know that it is not true.  I just need something to get excited about again.

There is something that sparked my interest this week though, which is mainly down to my historical discovery of 17th Century London from reading novels by Charlotte Betts - and that is an exhibition at the Museum of London about the Cheapside Hoard.  The Cheapside Hoard is the treasures, gemstones and jewels from the late16th and early 17th Centuries, discovered in 1912 and buried in a cellar on Cheapside in the City of London.  You can read about it here  I really would like to visit the exhibition and maybe get inspired for some new jewellery designs?


Selfsewn said...

Oh Simone we ARE birds of a feather!
I have had a 3 day migraine too, I'm thinking it could be a virus type thing, feeling very heavy eyed or that could just be the drugs!! Feel better xxx

marigold jam said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine - my daughter used to suffer with those and they are horrid I know. Hope you will feel better soon. That exhibition sounds interesting - make a date and that will give you something to look forward to won't it.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Sorry to hear you've been unwell Simone hopes you feel better soon.
You definitely must visit the exhibition, it sounds just your thing!
V xxx

Judy Hartman said...

Poor you with a migraine, Simone!! I have heard they are very draining. I do hope you feel totally well soon.
I sometimes get to the point you mentioned, where everything seems boring, but it only takes a new piece of fabric to inspire me!! Hope you can get to that exhibit! xxx

Rosie said...

Your migraine attack sounds miserable Simone no wonder you feel low. As soon as you feel brighter I would go to see that exhibition it sounds wonderful and will surely lift your spirits as well as being inspiring:)

Lisa said...

How rotten to have felt so rotten for most of the week, you must feel exhausted after that.
I hope you manage to get yourself along to the museum, it does sound interesting.
Lisa x

Anne Butera said...

Migraines can be the worst! Lavender oil mixed with peppermint oil can help. Caffeine. Sleep. I find that once a headache gets past a certain point there's no taming it. :(

Hope you're much better now.

I am very jealous that you have flowers blooming there! We still have a deep blanket of snow over everything here.