Saturday, 4 January 2014

Springing Ahead in 2014

I don't usually want to leave the old year behind me so soon but I am so longing for spring now that we are into the new year.  I have never known so many dark, dank and dismal days in a row and was grateful for one days reprieve when we had sunshine on Thursday.

Looking ahead to spring, I have been doing some crafting with lighter and brighter colours.  I am usually unprepared with seasonal changes so I thought I would get ahead of the game.  In the summer I guess it will be time for me to make my Christmas range of things! 

A little quiz for you now.  Can you guess how much satin cord is used to make one of the bracelets above? Answer to be revealed on my next post!

I hope your new year has started off on the right foot and if not, there is plenty of time for things to get better.


  1. Oh good Simone, I love all this looking forward to spring! Your bracelets are so pretty and spring-like. I suspect it takes a lot more cord to make them than it looks, I'm guessing 2 metres!
    Happy weekend,
    V xxx

  2. How pretty and summery they are. I would guess quite a bit of cord goes into each one - probably at least 3 metres each one.

  3. So pretty, I'm finding lots of lovely thing here in Bali.

  4. Thursday was a super day wasn't it? Your bracelets are lovely in bright, fresh colours. I've no idea how much cord you used but judging by the intricate weaving it would be quite a lot:)

  5. Dark Dank and Dismal it certainly is! I am beginning to hate January, I try not to because it will be December before we know it again!
    I would say about five metres for each bracelets
    Julie xxxxx

  6. I just can't wait until the weather begins to warm up for spring. Maybe in July, be it that I live in London!! Your bracelets looks so summery. And I'll have a guess at 3 feet of satin but I really have no idea at all.

  7. Very pretty bracelets, Simone. They definitely bring visions of Spring, and I applaud you for being so well prepared!xx


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