Saturday, 8 February 2014

Bunny Themed Necklaces

What is your best bunny?  Do you prefer the honey coloured bunny with the blue beads or the cream bunny with the green beads?  Are you naturally drawn to a particular colourway?

I have a few things lined up for my etsy shop including the necklaces above but something is preventing me from listing them.  I think it is a bit like stage fright - scared of being judged.   When I do put them in my shop though I will let you know.

It is blowing a gale here at the moment.  There are puddles in the conservatory and my husband is unwell.  It is very hard to keep spirits high.  I have spent many hours in making things this week.  Keeping busy to keep my sanity!

I hope you and yours are safe and well.  Spring will come day!


  1. The are both beautiful - go on and get them on etsy nobody could possibly judge you other than to say you are very talented! I prefer the cream/green colourway but think they are both simply gorgeous. Spring will come and in between we must make the most of he fleeting moments of sunshine which seem to pop up in between the downpours. Have you been having the amazing skies that we see here? One moment deep purple and with that strange light one gets before a storm and then next blue skies for just a fleeting moment. Stunning!

  2. Both are beautiful but I am drawn to the cream and green. They will be popular around Easter time I think.
    Spring can't be too far away!

  3. Well I would have to go with the bunny and the green....naturally! ;)
    I do hope your husband feels better soon Simone!
    V xxx

  4. Both are very pretty Simone! Yesterday was such a dreadful wet and windy day here too. I hope your husband will be well soon:)

  5. Love those star and flower beads… are they separate pieces from the center beads they surround??? I think your jewelry work is delightful.

  6. Hi Sharon. Yes! The star and flower (shell beads) are separate from the beads they surround.

  7. They are both very nice and don't worry if some people don't like them, it's just a matter of taste so jump on board and get them on etsy. I'm hoping that you husband is feeling better now and the weather has calmed down.

    It's all about the floods for us right now. I live opposite the Thames but we are protected when that Thames Barrier goes up. I do feel sorry for those in the thick of it right now.

    Our spring will most probably arrive in September!

  8. Best wishes to your husband for a quick recovery.
    You really shouldn't be scared of being judged Simone, you're a very talented jewellery maker and the materials you use are certainly not crap! You also sell at a very honest price...c'mon! Don't be shy :)

    p.s. Last Xmas cats and mice were very fashionable here, I gave a friend a pair of themed earrings.

  9. Oh these are so pretty - love both those little rabbits. I couldn't possibly choose. Hope you are still high and dry Simone - those storms are very scary! We're lucky enough to be high above sea level here and the river is quite small. Much misery going on in the south this winter... and I feel so bad for those power workers out there trying to reconnect everyone. My Dad used to be one of them and of course its always the very worst weather when they are called out in the dark.


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