Friday, 7 February 2014

The Art of Mixing

There is an art to mixing, whether it be for culinary purposes or otherwise.  The perfect Victoria sponge cake requires the egg to be added little by little to prevent curdling and the flour has to be folded in gently cutting through the mix with the edge of a metal spoon. The bowl has to be large enough to accommodate the mixture with room for lifting and aerating. Attention to mixing makes for a favourable outcome!

I have been mixing the herbs for my sleep pillows.  The ingredients for each pillow has been separately weighed and I have dallied with the ratio of botanicals to get a fragrance that is balanced and neither to sharp or too sweet.  The colours put me in mind of a summers day.

I've  noticed that there are a few reading challenges going on in blogland just now.  I am a slow reader so have decided to opt out of them at the moment.  However, I have been reading a lot more recently and will soon be embarking on reading  'The lady's Slipper' by Deborah Swift.  It is right up my street as it is set in 17th Century England and the subject of the story is a rare Lady's Slipper Orchid.  Alice Ibbotson is captivated by its beauty, a local medicine woman is seduced by its mysterious medicinal powers, while Sir Geoffry Fisk sees it as a way to repair his ailing fortunes.  The story is said to be about beauty, faith, love and loyalty - four things I hold dear to my heart!


KC'sCourt! said...

That looks so pretty.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Rosie said...

Your mixture look perfect, Simone and it is very summery - I can imagine its fragrance. The book you mentioned sounds like something I might like to read too:)

marigold jam said...

The mixed herbs/flowers look so pretty it seems a shame to put them in a pillow!!

Helen Philipps said...

So pretty, Simone! I used to dry flowers to make pot pourri many years ago when my girls were small and I always loved these pretty colour combinations! How delicious your pillows must be filled with your lovely mixtures!
Helen xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh that does look lovely Simone and I expect it smells even more lovely!
Happy weekend,
V xxx