Friday, 11 April 2014

A Garden View No.4

Not such a sunny garden view today although the weather forecasters assure us that the sun will come out later and burn the cloud away.  To the left of the photo are mounds of hardy geraniums.  I have spent so many years trying to dig them out but when you cut through the roots they tend to spread.  I keep them now but just make sure I trim them back after flowering.  I think the little mounds are quite pleasing to look at and give a little height and structure around the lawn.

Behind the wooden washing line pole is a whole line of washing!  There is almost no breeze at all today so thankfully all my 'smalls' are out of sight!

Have a lovely weekend. x


  1. Haha well done on hiding the washing Simone!! My washing from yesterday is still on the line as the sun they promised yesterday never materialised, hope your sun turns up today!
    I love the geraniums! :)
    Happy weekend my friend
    V xxx

  2. Hi Simone - you have changed again - I like the colour. My black winter coat is finally washed and hanging on my line at the moment but like you waiting for a breeze and some sun - we have patchy cloud today. I am just about to go and do some crafting - Easter cards and Easter eggs. Your garden is looking good - ours is just stirring into life now - I think we are quite a bit behind the South. Have a good weekend too x

  3. I have Hardy Geraniums. Mine are little pink ones and large blue one, I keep them to keep the weeds down!
    You have a lovely garden
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. I'm enjoying your garden view posts Simone. We have loads of hardy geraniums as they seem to like our heavy clay soil. There are clumps like yours all over the garden and about five different varieties. I'm almost glad that they do take over as not much else likes our soil. Have a happy weekend:)

  5. I don't believe I've ever seen your garden from this angle before. Charming! I do love the clumps of perennial geraniums. I can imagine them when in full bloom. I find if you cut them down almost to the ground after flowering they rebloom just as well a second time. Your laundry line reminds me that I just HAVE to get my line up this year. When Anne and I first moved to the farm the only place we had for hanging our laundry was between two large pines in the front yard for all the world to see!
    Here in the American midwest we are finally seeing the tips of daffodils, garlic emerging where it was planted last autumn, nubs of red at the rhubarb patch, and a few crocus tucked behind the fencing in the vegetable bed. It's a treat for the eyes to look at your blog and be encouraged that our green is on the way.

  6. Your garden is so beautiful, Simone!

    I woke up to snow today. :(

    Keep the garden photos coming!


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