Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Garden View No.3

This is one of my garden views this morning.  I still need to find an out of sight place for the blue eglu and I am considering using the redundant hen house to store pots and small gardening tools.  A lick of paint may be nice too!

I treated myself to a rhubarb plant yesterday.  It is in the black pot just to the left of the paving.  I think I will put it in a larger pot rather than plant it in the garden just yet.

Today looks like a day for being outside and sowing some seeds and that is what I intend to do!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

A very pretty view it is too Simone! :)
Enjoy your garden time...still waiting on the sun here today but it has been promised!
V xxx

Paula said...

Looks lovely and sunny where you live Simone and as you say perfect for being out in the garden. I've been outside too sanding and staining the garage door and it feels good to soak up some sun.

Helen Philipps said...

Such a lovely garden view, it looks so pretty and tranquil....and sunny too!
Happy gardening, Simone.
Helen xox

Vintage Tea Time said...

Your garden looks a lovely haven, Simone - lots of good trees and shrubs. Rhubarb, hey? I had a delicious rhubarb muffin the other day :). Abby x

Judy Hartman said...

What a pretty yard you have, Simone! Yes, the hen house does seem like a fine spot for storage! Can't wait to see your garden progressing! Enjoy!xx

Rosie said...

Your garden looks lovely, Simone! Let's hope we have some dryer, sunnier days over the next week or so to get out into our gardens:)

sharon said...

Wish I could come over and share a pot of tea out in your garden space. So green and lovely. I'll be working on my potting shed this summer so I'm eager to see what you're up to. Gives me great ideas!

rusty duck said...

I hope the seed sowing went well, exactly what I did today.

greenthumb said...

It's a very pretty view.

Ethel Johnson said...

With grass to mow
And plans to hatch,
It's time to sow
Your garden patch.

Your rhyming knack
I like the most,
I will be back
to check your post!

Toffeeapple said...

What a pretty view you have.

If you no longer intend to use the Eglu, why not Freecyle it or donate it to a charity shop? Or even advertise it for sale?