Friday, 4 April 2014


Equipped with husband's screwdriver in hand, I began the slow task of dismantling the hen house run.  It took in excess of three hours to uncouple the fixings that provided the hens with their security.  I am now left with a barren patch of soil that measures approximately 2 x 1 metres.

Now one of my faults is that I tend to speak out an idea before I think it through.  My immediate response was  to turn this patch into a raised bed.  Now I am wondering if if should just plant on it as it is because to turn it into a raised bed would mean purchasing treated timber or a raised bed kit.  I already have a small patio area next to the greenhouse that I could fit a raised bed onto at some stage and am thinking of doing that instead.

Now back to this patch of soil, should I turn the area into a strawberry patch?  Plant it up with herbs or vegetables?  Put in a permanent or temporary planting?  Or maybe turn it into a cutting flower patch, salad bed, rhubarb patch or something else?  I had better stop now as an ornamental pond has just come to mind!

Any thoughts and suggestions regarding how to utilise this patch of earth are most welcome.  Have a lovely weekend. x


  1. How about a little mix, obviously not of everything you have mentioned or there wouldn't be much of anything then but select say three or four things and divide your bed up.
    Have fun deciding Simone and happy weekend,
    V xxx

  2. Was just reading the other day about "hay bale gardening" which I had never heard of. We have raised beds, but I showed my husband the web sites and now he wants to try that. May be a good solution for you. Just google hay (or straw) bale will find plenty of info. good luck!!

  3. Does it get the sun on it, Simone? I suppose what you put there depends on what else you have already in the garden and how much time you'll have to look after whatever you put there. Well done on the clearing! Have a good weekend. Abby x

  4. It does look tidy and ready for planting. I supose as Abby says it depends on whether the area gets sun or is in shade and also the type of soil as to what you plant but perhaps stick with one theme - you could create a little herb garden with a few strawberries in there or you could create a flower bed for cutting and using indoors:)

  5. All good ideas!
    I suppose it will depend on the conditions in that part of the garden and what out all those things you thunk you would make most use of and maybe not be able to put in your raised bed.
    Lisa x

  6. Gosh I am no good at decisions. I think put herbs if you don't want to have to tend to the area much as they sort themselves out and you can get plants for sun or shade, Veg, fruit or Strawberries if you have lots more time and want to cook and eat fresh produce or cutting flowers if you like to have fresh flowers in your house all year.
    You could do a mix of all of them and cover all bases!
    Keep us posted on your decision x
    PS I should be in the garden now and I am blogging!

  7. Whatever you sow or plant in it, the composted chicken droppings should guarantee good crops.

    Goos luck Simone.

  8. I'm amazed at how different that space looks now, I'm curious to know how you'll use it.


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