Saturday, 5 April 2014


I know it looks a little pathetic just now but in a couple of months time I have visions of this being a highly productive space.   I had already purchased 3 early fruiting strawberry plants last week and a couple of thyme's.  They are said to be good planting companions so it made sense to plant them together.

Other plants that do well in companion planting with strawberries are spinach, lettuce, sage, borage, onions, peas, beans and marigolds.  I have a plan to sow a row of lettuce one side of the strawberries and sow spinach or peas on the other side.  I covered the area with the eglu mesh to prevent it being dug over by animals.

Shortly after digging over the plot yesterday, I noticed the surrounding paving was covered in earth and stones.  I blamed the resident fox or the neighbour's cat Minky but was informed by my husband that a flock of birds (sparrows?) were going crazy in and out and under the mesh and making a whole lot of noise as they did so.  I suspect that they were looking for worms or such like as there aren't any fruits on the strawberries as yet!

So, one job down and many more to go as I work my way around the garden bringing it back to its former glory.


  1. What a great turnaround, shame it's raining this weekend.
    Beechgrove Gardens is back on tomorrow morning!!

  2. Doesn't look pathetic at all - looks great, very organised! I didn't know that about strawberries and thyme. I tried to dig some dandelions from the grass yesterday and afterwards there were lots of birds around - they were glad I'd turned over bits of soil for them! Have a good weekend. Abby x

  3. Your progress is looking great! And I must say that your photo of your garden in "rack and ruin" certainly didn't look anything like it to me. Flowers blooming. Green grass. Looks divine. Here we still have snow on the ground.

    So glad you're progressing with your gardening plans. Can't wait to see how it progresses. :)

  4. It looks very organised, Simone. I like the idea of companion planting. The birds are everywhere at the moment, sparrows, robins and blackbirds especially taking little twigs off the bushes and digging for worms:)

  5. A great start. I can see the bowls of strawberries and cream already!
    Lisa x

  6. Good for you Simone, bit by bit that little plot will be a mass of green.
    V xxx

  7. My small strawberry plot is a 2 foot square raised bed but the strawberries now have run all over the garden! Will you be putting dry straw around them?
    PS I like the idea of the marigolds in fruit and veg patches - you see them a lot in French gardens.


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