Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pastry Bakes

I made pastry today.  I used a good old fashioned Amish recipe.  It would be unsuitable for vegetarians as it contains lard but I am sure you could substitute that for butter which would just give a richer pastry dough.  Unlike bread making, pastry requires cold hands and a delicate touch!  I used the pastry to make a Swiss custard peach pie and................

........ used up some homemade blackberry jelly to fill jam tarts.  More known for making cakes (among my family and blogging friends) I think I now want to concentrate more on making pastry. I want to be able to make Mediterranean style vegetable tarts, fruit pastries and pies, pasties and all sorts of delicious confections!  I really want to perfect this recipe though - I think it is a keeper!  I know it is easy to just buy ready made pastry but, in my opinion, you really can tell the difference.


  1. They look delicious will there be a recipe....? Especially the Swiss Custard Peach Pie
    Julie xxxx

  2. These look absolutely fabulous.

  3. I tend to bake than make pastries......but I think you are right, it would be nice to just concentrate on these for a while, I'm sure your family won't mind being testers

  4. These look so tasty, Simone! Would love some for my pudding tonight :)
    Happy week.
    Helen xox

  5. They look delicious, Simone. I always enjoy making short crust pastry but admit I do buy a roll of puff pastry now and then. I love the sound of the mediterranean vegetable tarts:0

  6. Awe home made pastry is definitely the best Simone. Your bakes look delicious, you can get vegetable lard so that would a good substitute!
    V xxx

  7. Hello Simone,

    They look fantastic, bet they tasted yummy.

    Happy baking.

  8. Shop bought pastry, oh, never!! Your's looks delicious - keep practicing xxx

  9. Simone, you amaze me with your curiosity and willingness to learn new things. These look positively delicious!xx

  10. I have just purchased a rhyming dictionary!!! Peachy pie will satisfy...now I feel like I'm cheating! xx

  11. What is amish pastry, I've never heard of it.

  12. Hi Briony, the pastry I refer to is from the Amish Cook's Baking Book by Lovina Eicher called homemade pie dough. x


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