Saturday, 16 August 2014

Vintage Engelbert

I found this clip on Youtube.  I adored how Engelbert looked back then - the dusky complexion and dark eyes.  If only we could retain youthful good looks! 


crafty cat corner said...

Oh, the memories of a bygone time, I love the shirt collar. lol
He sang in Eurovision a couple of years ago and wasn't half bad.
Wouldn't we all like to retain our looks. Tom assures me that I still look good but I'm not sure of his eyesight these days. lol

Marigold Jam said...

I don't - wish I could retain my looks - since I feel that I look better now than I did then! Of course my skin is more wrinkled and my waist is a little larger of course I am a little envious of my daughter's looks but I am loving being me now and wouldn't want to go back to how I looked then for all the tea in China! I shudder when I see photos of me when I was younger as I had no style at all back then. And you are welcome to Englebert too as I always went for blond heart throbs back then!

Judy Hartman said...

Oh my goodness - he was adorable! Yes, youth has something to be said for it!! xx

Rosie said...

Oh, no - not for me to dark and greasy looking. Like Marigold Jam the blonds like Scott Walker and Steve Marriott were my particular 'hearthrobs':)

Simone said...

Poor Eng! I thought I would have got a few more favourable comments. Never mind, I never was willing to share him! Rosie, I have no idea who Scott Walker and Steve Marriott are! :)