Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pimping up Pine Cones

It is a great time for picking up fallen pine cones in the UK.  I picked up a few handfuls at Capel Manor last week that had fallen from a giant Scots pine tree.

Unadorned the pine cones were lovely but I wanted to add a little extra to them .  I melted down some old candles that were too short to use and some wax that was left in the bottom of tea lights.  I did this in a heatproof bowl over some simmering water until just melted.  I then removed any wicks from the melted wax.  I had prepared a tray to use and had a packet of glitter to hand.  I carefully dipped the cones, pointy end down into the wax, placed them upright on the tray and sprinkled with glitter.  I did this for each cone and then left them until the wax had hardened.

I now have some very pretty bowl fillers (ssshh - for C*******s).  I guess you can hang them in garlands or as hanging decorations but you would have to keep them away from heat in case the wax started melting.

Don't forget to collect pine cones as soon as possible - everything is so early this year!  If you plan ahead you will have the materials you need for your festive projects!


  1. Very pretty - you can also make firelighters with them or add them to wreaths. Handy little things eh?!

  2. Another cracking idea for your stall and one that is nearly free too!
    Lisa x

  3. Lovely, Simone, what a good idea! I picked up some pine cones a week or so ago and they are sitting on the kitchen window sill at the moment:)

  4. oooh, I like that idea! I've noticed too that things are early this year - will have to have a little hunt for cones this weekend I think!
    BH x

  5. I've heard that pine cones kept indoors will deter spiders, but I don't know whether this is true. These are very attractive and a good idea for using up old candle wax.

  6. Pine cone harvest time of year
    Bringing festive winter cheer...

    Only 4 monthly markets until C*******s! xx

  7. The title of this post made me laugh. :)

    I love collecting things like pine cones and acorns and other natural materials. They do make lovely seasonal decorations. Yours are so sparkly!

  8. I shall be filling them with suet and sultanas and nuts for feeding the birds in winter.

  9. All I can say is that you are amazingly creative, Simone. I think you could write your own craft book!!
    These are wonderful! xx


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