Saturday, 13 September 2014

Craft Fair September 2014

 I did my first craft fair today.

 My stall was next to a lovely crafter whos chatty friendliness made the time spent there worthwhile.

The craft fair coincided with a big event in the centre of town that also had craft stalls. The competition was too great for a local event on the edge of town and as a consequence we suffered by having only a handful of visitors.

The table was narrower than I had expected and I was unable to put out all of my items until I had cleared some space.

The stall was £7.50 for 4 hours.  I sold £30.00  £33.50 of merchandise.  I need to deduct the cost of the paper bags I had to buy and the donation of a box of chocolates for the tombola after which I am left with about £10.00.  Will I do another fair?  The jury is out on that one!


KC'sCourt! said...

You did well, but as you say once taken out expenses........... Its a pity the there was a larger one organised at the same time.
Julie xxxxxxx

Marigold Jam said...

At least you weren't out of pocket and it was an learning experience. It may be better next time if there isn't another crafty event on. Don't give up as your crafty items look so good and beautifully presented. Wish I was nearer and could have come!

Puppet Lady said...

Your stall looks fabulous! A varied and attractive display, beautifully presented. What a pity you had too much competition, but at least you didn't loose money. Maybe another event, later in the year towards Christmas, without a competing event, would be more profitable. You've worked so hard making all that stock, so save it for a future sale!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I agree with Jane, at least you made a profit, even if it wasn't a huge one. As you said your met a lovely lady who's company you enjoyed and it was all experience.
That's the problem with craft fairs, you really don't know how many more there are on the same day, next time it could all be different.
You just have to weigh it all up and do what is right for you.
V x

Ethel Johnson said...

You made it all
And you did it well
I hope next time
Lots more will sell.

Rosie said...

Your stall looked lovely, Simone - so much variety of things to delight the eye. I'd give it another go if I were you - next time may not clash with another similar event and you may sell more of your stock:)

Anne Butera said...

You did wonderfully, Simone! Your table looked great and all those lovely items turned out so well. I say, Congrats!

My first craft fair was very poorly attended and the woman whose table was next to mine had all baked goods. I think she was going to freeze some for another event, but she had so much left over at the end of the day (she said she usually would sell out). You just never know how things will go.

As long as you have all your items made, I say, do some more shows. You'll be so much more comfortable next time and ready to go!

Judy Hartman said...

Your table looks fantastic, Simone!! Such lovely items and colors - wish I could have been there! I will tell you that I once did a craft fair in which I not only sold nothing, but also had an item stolen!!!! I actually laughed about that, even right after it happened!! Don't give up - you couldn't control who came to that fair, but maybe one closer to Christmas would do well! Love your designs! xx

Amanda said...

Well done you!! It looks fantastic, just a shame that you didn't get the number of visitors you would have hoped for. As the others have said, you made a profit, which however small is still a profit :)

Julia said...

It's understandable you feel a bit down hearted, but it will be worth giving it another go, as your table looked so lovely - better luck next time xx

Bev C said...

Hello Simone,

Your display of crafty goodness looks lovely. Glad your were next to a person who you could chat to. Don't give up on this idea, remember that saying "Mighty oaks from little acorn's grow".

Happy days.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Well done you Simone!
Don't give up, attending craft fairs and markets in general is always a Learning curve.
Just think it will be Christmas in a while and you have lots of stocking fillers to sell :)

sharon said...

My heartiest congratulations, Simone. It takes a great deal of courage on top of all the time and expense to be in a fair. You have no control over any part of it but your own creations, which are delightful, original, and beautifully crafted. All the rest, the potential buyers and how willing they are to part with their brass is impossible to predict.
Nice to have made a bit of a profit, had a good chin wag with a new acquaintance and learned a bit about your own talents and discipline along the way.
Way to go!

Ann said...

Your stall looks great Simone - I love the black background. It shows all your gorgeous goodies off so well. A lot of work for not much profit but I'm glad you enjoyed the day.