Monday, 8 September 2014

Vintage Lady Card

I made this card for a friend's Birthday today.  I don't generally make Birthday cards but I know she will appreciate something handmade.  The topper was made a long time ago so it was just a case of mounting onto a card.  I could critique it to the end of the Earth but there comes a time when you have to stop and realise the limit of your skills. 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I'm quite sure your friend will be delighted with her wonderful card!
V x

KC'sCourt! said...

What a lovely card
Julie xxxxxx

crafty cat corner said...

I know what you are talking about, us craft people are never satisfied with the things we make. Tom is always telling me off for being critical of what I make.

I love it and I'm sure your friend will too.

Rosie said...

I bet your friend loved her special card, Simone:)

Ethel Johnson said...

A charming greeting card
Made from paper scrap
I'm so glad you stuck
A feather in her cap.


Judy Hartman said...

You are so clever, Simone. I love this card!! Hope your friend enjoyed it! xx

Anonymous said...

There is no limit of your skills! Nope, this card is just perfect. I would be thrilled to get such a perfect thing. Your crafts are lovely. Open up your shop, put your prices up and flaunt your talent. Don't tell people what you think is wrong as they simply won't see it and it undermines their own views. Go on, make some lovely stuff to sell to people at Christmas. Your tags are gorgeous, lots of people would buy them but did I read £1.50? Put the price up!

Enjoy your art, that really is the point of it for an artist and then pass it on to others so they can do the same. Have some fun.