Sunday, 21 September 2014


I am going to take a bit of a blogging break.  As much as I love to blog, I can't think of anything new to say.  The garden is in a dreadful state with much tidying up to do before the onset of winter.  The house needs a jolly good clean and de-clutter and I need to take a good look at myself and decide which direction I am heading for. 

If I was able to, I would like to take myself off to a retreat in beautiful surroundings.  I would be with like minded souls and we would cook lovely things to eat, we would paint and create and share stories and words of wisdom.  We would make lotions and potions and sing and dance long after nightfall.  Unfortunately life is not a fantasy but a stark reality. Dreams will stay as unfulfilled dreams as crestfallen, I must face up to the responsibilities of  real life.

Hopefully I will not be away for too long.  The lure of the blog is too great.  I intend to return invigorated with a new zest for life.


KC'sCourt! said...

Enjoy your break
Julie xxxxxxxx

Julia said...

Know how you feel to a certain extent. I have so many crafty ideas in my head, which come to little when I try them out. I need to focus on just a couple of things at a time - full time working just doesn't allow the time does it? If only I could win the lottery; I'd never be short of things to occupy my time!!

Enjoy your break, but don't worry too much about it

Julia xx

sharon said...

Somehow, Simone, I feel as if we're doing what you describe in this post … being with like minded souls, creating and sharing, singing and dancing together. Yes, it would be lovely to do so in the "real" world, but aren't we lucky we live when we do and can have each other through the wonders of our technology? I often think of women who settled the American west, often the only woman for miles and waiting long weeks for letters from friends and family. Now that would make one truly crest fallen.
Yes, get your house tidied, your garden put to bed for its winter's nap, and come back to us soon.

Rosie said...

Oh, blow - I've just written a long comment and for some reason lost it so I'll just say - have a good break, Simone take some time out to recharge your batteries and take stock of what you have to do but also make time for some want to dos too - hold on to those dreams. Take care:)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I'm not supposed to be on here as I promised myself I would stay away while away but I had to leave a comment on this post, DO NOT BE AWAY FOR TOO LONG SIMONE!
bonsoir, V x

Amanda said...

Oh how I know that desire to go on a retreat with like minded souls! In the absence of an actual retreat can you create some kind of sacred space for yourself where you focus on the things that mean the most to you? Taking a blogging break sounds like a good plan... TJ informed me today that I have been much more ' present ' this weekend as I have refused to log onto FB and therefore kept myself from the time sink that it can be, I even managed to do some crochet and watch a film despite it being a crazily busy weekend simply because I put my phone down! Sometimes we just need that break I think. I do hope you have a good break and find what it is you want to find in that time and come back refreshed xx

Bev C said...

Hello Simone,

Have fun in the garden, it sounds like the perfect place to retreat to.

Happy days.

Helen Philipps said...

Have a lovely break, Simone. I look forward to seeing you back again soon.
Helen xox

Ethel Johnson said...

I'm singing and dancing with you in your retreat. Don't be too despondent about the fair, it's the same here. We have to sell toys to support our crafty bits.

Sending all the best
For a super cyber rest.

Lyn said...

Have a good break, I am sure you will come back to us when you are ready....we'll be here! Xxx

Anne Butera said...

I hope your time away is rejuvenating and restful, Simone.

Sending you good thoughts.